Apfelkuchen – a Birthday Treat!

My son, Conrad, was out with his friends and siblings for a birthday dinner at one of his favourite restaurants on Sunday evening, and I promised him a special cake for our celebration the next day.

I decided on one that I hadn’t made in a long time.  An apple cake that my mother often made, when I was younger.

When he showed up on Monday evening, there it stood on the kitchen counter, all ready for digging in!  He, his brothers, and I each had a generous first slice.  Savoured every bite, and then came the “can I have another piece?” moment.  There was just enough to make four more smaller slices….and it was gone.  Hahaha!

Always puts a smile on my face, when food is enjoyed so much!


Picture 1 – Coming out of the oven;


Picture 2 – Sprinkling of powdered sugar;


Picture 3 – A slice of Apfelkuchen (apple cake), ready to eat!

A Cure for Internet Disruption?


Well, yes, you may have noticed no blogging activity from my end for over a week.

All due to internet accessibility…..or rather, inaccessibility.

Going from living in town to back to the country brings with it, seemingly, some changes in service.  Something to do with line-of-view to the tower to get signal which, with such things as a good deal of rain and/or wind (been having more of that recently), causes the trees and the leaves’ movements to interfere.

Hmmm.. …..and then also all the people with whom we are sharing our internet service will affect it. The more people on at given times, the less consistent the internet strength…..and often we just lose it altogether for a while.

Then it’s easy to fall behind on things such as messages and e-mails and projects and writing……. Sigh.

BUT!  On the bright side, I have come up with one of several methods to deal with our internet disruptions.

One of them…..baking.

Yep.  Take a favourite recipe and add something new and fresh to it.  In this case, I added fresh, local strawberries to this cake.  Kept me occupied and away from the computer work – that was on hold again – and then the boys and I had something delicious to drown our internet sorrows with……haha!

The Anybody Can Do It Cake


It’s baked in a bundt cake form and, with that traditional German touch, it gets a light dusting of powdered sugar once it has cooled down..

Years ago, when I was a teenager, my mom came home from work one day feeling all excited. She had been given a new recipe to try.  My mom has always been a good cook and baker, and because she enjoyed making good meals, she was also open to learning new things and trying out new ingredients.

“So what kind of cake is it?” I asked her.

“Well, I don’t know exactly,” she replied.  “It’s a regular kind of cake batter with butter and eggs and flour and such, and in my recipe here it lists cherries to be added as the last item.  But….then at the bottom there are other options, for example with chopped apples and nuts.”

“What’s it called then?”

With great gusto she smiled and declared, “The Anybody Can Do It Cake!”

The recipe is straightforward with ingredients and the  prep process, so I guess that’s why the title.

I have made it a few times over the years….usually with a jar of pitted cherries mixed in, for a bit of a treat from apple crisps and rhubarb coffee cakes, and it tastes just as tasty with chopped apples and chopped almonds as a different combination.  With my crew it gets eaten up within the day!  Haha!   I’m wondering just now what it would taste like with fresh peaches, as I’ve never tried that.  Hmm!  A new twist to an old favourite.

The Wizened Old Face in the Bread

(or Bread Machine Art?)

001 004

So…..about two months ago, I finally hauled out the bread machine with the intention of using it again.  It had been stashed in the bottom cupboard after the move with the idea that at some point I would use it.  And then it just sat there…..waiting.

Well, when I pulled out a recipe I could try for making bread in my machine, that was the impetus to give it a whirl. I gathered all the ingredients, measured and put them together, and pushed the ON button. As the dough went through the various cycles of mixing and rising and kneading and rising and baking, I kept peeking into the side window, wondering if all would work out.  Would the machine still work after sitting for so long?  Would the yeast be still all right (as I had let that sit as well)?

Well, the rising bread in the window looked rather nice, so I felt hopeful.

And when the timer went off to signify that the bread was done, I pulled out the pan, let the bread cool briefly, and removed the loaf.  It was pale in colour – due to my having picked the “light” setting – and small in size, but it looked good and tasted…..yummy!  And well, it looked like a normal loaf.

It was actually the THIRD loaf I made after that one, where the final product had at one end what looked like an old face formed in the crust!

Sometimes art is revealed in the most unexpected ways.