Cooking Classes with Maggie

Ever since mid-September of this year,  I have been attending weekly cooking classes at one of the local grocery stores near where I live, hosted by Chef Maggie.  They take place every Tuesday from noon until 1 p.m.  It’s the same store that I mentioned in a previous post, entitled A Time for Giving Hugs . In fact, I took the photos of Mary right after one of these cooking classes.   ❤

On average the group of attendees who come to these classes are approximately 15 people, and we listen and watch attentively as Maggie guides us through the featured recipes she has picked for us.  She puts it all together, and near the end of each class we get to sample the just prepared dishes.

In the photos above, Maggie is showing us the steps to a nourishing quinoa (with veggies and chicken) dish.  And you can see some added detail via the large rectangular mirror as it reflects to the viewers everything more clearly.


Here is my serving up close……it tasted delicious!  That red pepper sauce added great flavour!


In these next photos, everyone is lining up to get their portion of the dessert, which was vanilla ice cream with a delightfully generous helping of the made-from-scratch Whisky Caramel Sauce that Maggie showed us.

And here is the photo of the dessert…..Mmmmm!


Generally in the days that follow, I end up cooking for my lads at home the featured dishes from that Tuesday.  Happily, I’ve been getting encouraging and positive feedback from them – they are enjoying these newer meals!

However, I didn’t get to trying these two latest recipes out yet, because Christmas snuck in first.  Haha!

I plan to make both at some point this week.


In the next two photos you can see the location of the kitchen area, which is on the upper floor, and you can see the many food displays on the lower level of the store.