Six Word Story #10



Flat tire means tow truck ride!




So on Monday I got to have a ride, courtesy of the CAA  (Canadian Automobile Association), which offers roadside assistance services among other things to drivers all across Canada.

Here is the fine gentleman, Bob Mitchell, in the process of unloading my car again at the dealership where my car would get some needed care.  If you look closely, you might be able to notice which one is the flat.

The whole adventure began on the Saturday evening before, and I managed a temporary solution at that time. However, when I checked my car on Sunday, where it was nicely resting in our driveway, the tire had gone even flatter than before, so I decided that first thing on Monday, I would call for a tow truck.  It didn’t make sense to change the tire, since I was already at home.  Might as well benefit from the friendly, helpful service that my annual membership fees pay towards, right?

And the always awesome staff at the car dealership would be able to  take it from there and assess the situation.



Grey with that Colour Splash!



I love my grey hair,

But with some pink and purple,

There is added fun!



A little over four years ago – with some inspiration from a friend and her referral to her hairdresser – I embarked on a new trend for myself.  My hair by then had been turning grey, and I had kept it like that for a while.  I didn’t really want to cover it up.

However, at one point I needed a change for myself, along with other changes I was making, and so I took that step for the first added strands of colour.  My new hairdresser understood what I was hoping for, and so we took it slowly, in case I might change my mind.  She only added a few strands of purple; she interwove it so nicely in among the grey hairs.

Well, I loved the effect!  And I got compliments continuously from people I knew and also from strangers.  Haha!

The hair has evolved over time – the cut used to be a bob and lately we’ve been going with the pixie cut style.  After the initial trials with bits of purple, we went with MORE purple….and then added in fuchsia and even some blue. Blue doesn’t last as long, although it is also quite pretty.  The grey hair takes the colour really well.

I only need to go every three months for refreshing the colour and cutting the hair, which isn’t as often as if I were to totally dye my hair to cover the grey.  And there are no harsh chemicals in this process.  Plus, this way I still get to enjoy the grey – and some white that peeks through!

Two weeks ago was my most recent visit to my hairdresser, and we went for the most colour ever!  I took some photos, and you can see all the wonderful fuchsia and purple, along with the grey everywhere else.

I STILL get such warm-hearted and sincere compliments!  It’s wonderful.  From women AND men!  Strangers will yell across a parking lot to tell me how much they love my hair.  Others will say so as they pass me by.  My co-workers cheer me on.  And my other friends and family also add their kind words every so often.

And really, I just enjoy having fun with it!  It adds some zest!   And it feels great!

Oh yeah, and I have inspired a few other ladies to try something similar – why not?

Kinda cool to be called the Purple-haired Lady!




One of life’s little surprises…

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of unlocking a door, stepping inside the house……and hearing the unmistakeable beeping of an activated alarm!!
And then within five seconds, yes, that alarm goes off – Weeoo! Weeoo! Weeoo!
That was my adventure this morning, when I went to do a cleaning at a client’s home. I have been going there regularly for close to two years, and this would be the first time the alarm was activated.

Yeah, well…..communication gap was the reason. One person knew I was coming, but the other one didn’t….hahaha!…..and so the latter set the alarm and then headed out for work.

As the alarm was sounding, I locked the door again, carried all my supplies back to the car, and waited…… preparation for the twenty police cruisers that would be showing up in 2 minutes. You know, like in the cartoons.

No police cruisers came. And eventually the alarm shut off.
I calmly sat in my car and called up my clients in order to figure out the next steps. And yes, I got to do my cleaning after all.

Check that off my bucket list!
And it wasn’t even on it! Hahaha!

Taking cycling to new heights….literally.


This video clip is just a portion of the film, and it’s enough to give you a good idea on his adventure.  Setting goals……to see how far he can push himself.

I have seen parts of this before, and I am enthralled every time I watch it.

It’s fascinating, exciting, and so cool! Using bicycles in new and different ways….the incredible control needed to navigate narrow paths at dizzying heights as well as moving from say rock to rock with a well-placed bike “jump” or changing direction in a smooth 45 degree angle….not to mention the fence twirl!  Imagine the hours upon hours of training to achieve that finely tuned skill level.

Breath-taking views and a super physical challenge!



Coincidence….AND Six Degrees of Separation


The weather this week has been glorious!  It’s November, and instead of the usual cold setting in, this week’s temperatures have been reminiscent of our September ones!  Everyone I have been talking to has been enjoying this unique warm interlude.

Which brings me to the new someone I met today – and we ALSO talked about the amazing warm weather streak.  Well, this is where the coincidence part comes in, because the warm weather inspired both of us to go outside… for my hour-long walk up my country road, and she for her hour-long bike ride where part of her route is along the same country road.

Timing is everything sometimes!

I was on my return leg of the walk and happened to notice something white huddled in front of the fence on the one side of the road.  I was puzzled, because I hadn’t noticed it earlier when I walked by.  As I got closer, the white huddle turned into a human form that stretched back to a standing position.  She had noticed me coming along, and so we each said hi.

Next surprising aspect is that we were new to each other; this was our first encounter.  But as people sometimes will do if they meet along a bike path or walkway, we started talking…..about what we’re doing, about the fine weather, etc.  so, she told me that she’d been taking a photo of something that had caught her eye, and she showed it to me.  She had wanted to capture the sunset’s golden rays as they danced off of a particular plant.  It looked good.

And THEN we introduced ourselves!  Hahaha!  Christine and Michaela.  Christine looked at me a bit more closely and said that she thought I looked familiar somehow and wondered from where.  I didn’t recognize her.  Eventually, we pieced it together.  Via facebook and a mutual friend.  In the listing off of potential mutual friends who lived in town some 10 km away, we quickly found our mutual one.  And things started clicking into place!  Christine and I decided we TOO would connect on facebook once we returned to our homes, and it was then that I noticed another mutual friend…..intriguing, I might add, because I had only JUST met this person last week!

This is when I marvel at the perfect timing……you know, having met Louise (the other mutual friend) the week before, and then the happenstance encounter on the country road (we could have missed each other so easily if either one of us had decided to go earlier as we often did).  And the other two people we knew….that’s where the six degrees of separation comes in.

Life is just SO cool!  I started for my walk, thinking “what kind of nifty things would I see and what kinds of surprises might be in store?”  And even before I met Christine, I had already been enthralled with all sorts of other discoveries on my walk of which I took plenty of photos!

But that’s coming up in a future blog post.  I promise.

(In the photo above, Christine gave me a final wave from her bike as she headed back for her home.)

Ziplining Adventure!

So today I was digging through some archived photo albums to find the photos featuring the family’s excursion to the Laflèche Aerial and Adventure Park in Gatineau, Québec…….taken on Oct. 19, 2009!  Yes, it’s been a while.  But I hadn’t thought it was that long ago.  One of my blogging friends, Keerthy, had recently posted about her first experience with ziplining, and she and I had commented back and forth on the subject with her subsequently requesting to see some photos from my experience.

So here goes!  Have a peek……and I welcome comments about your own adventures in ziplining or any thoughts on the subject you’d like to share.

Jason gets harnessedSonja checks her harnessPlatforms between each aerial challengeonly three per platform

  1.  Jason gets harnessed
  2.  Sonja checks her harness
  3. Platforms between each aerial challenge
  4. Only three people per platform (for safety reasons)
climbing up to part 2 of the adventure trailJason re-attaching his carabiners to loops and linesMe looking upas we line up to climb
5.  Conrad climbing up to part 2 of the adventure trail
6.  Jason re-attaching his carabiners to loops and lines
7.  Me looking up
8.  As we line up to climb
on one of the aerial challengesJason on sliding skateboard challengemanoeuvering on one of the challengesone of the more wobbly challenges
9.  Stephen keeps his balance
10. Jason continues on the sliding skateboard challenge
11.  I am manoevering on one of the wobbly challenges
12. Kirby makes his way through another wobbly challenge
picturesque view from up highlooking down between my feet to see how far down the ground iswe're up fairly highextreme zip lines - longest and highest of the bunch!  One of those is even above the canopy of the trees!
13.  A picturesque view from up so high
14.  Looking down to see how far the ground is….
15.  Seeing the others on the platforms…, we are up so high!
16.  Coming up to the extreme ziplines
here comes Stephen!getting lifelines and pulley unhooked from the cable before calling out CLEAR for the next ziplinerthis zipline has a runway platform; need to take a run at itthe view from over her Sonja's shoulder before take-offand off she goes!I took this photo just before it was my turn to zip away!
17.  Stephen is coming in for a landing
18.  Getting lifelines and pulley unhooked from the cable before calling out “Clear!” to the next zipliner
19.  Sonja is standing on a runway platform; she will need to take a bit of a run at it
20.  Looking over Sonja’s shoulder at the view
21.  And away she goes!
22.  I took this picture just before it was my turn to zip away!
for these faster ziplines, it's important to apply brakeshere comes Stephennice and smooth landingSonja takes offwhat style, what grace, what daring!nice landing by Conrad
23.  For these faster ziplines it’s important to apply “hand” brakes
24.  Stephen is coming over on a long zipline
25.  Stephen makes a nice, smooth landing
26.  Sonja takes off
27.  Conrad is coming in!
28.  Another fine landing
Stephen zipping over the parking areaConrad is coming in!my two carabiners attached to thick cord - my life linesthe pulley device to cary me along all those snazzy ziplines!four hours later with a smile of accomplishment; successful completion of trail and ziplines
29.  Stephen sails over the parking lot on the last zipline
30.  Conrad is coming in fast!  Wahoo!
31.  My two carabiners attached to thick cord – my life lines!
32.  The pulley device to carry me along all those snazzy ziplines
33.  Four hours later with a huge smile of accomplishment; completion of the Aerial Trail and Ziplines!

Another Day of Wonders!

Hello, Friends in this Enjoyable Blogosphere!

Guess what unforeseen and exciting encounter I had on my walk today….

Give up?

Well, yeah, I DID get to see a few new things along the way.

071 132 143 084 (2)

Like, for example, my first Woolly Bear Caterpillar of the season – uh huh….a future Pyrrharctia isabella! Yep, the Isabella Tiger Moth. Who knew that a woolly bear turns into a tiger?? Haha!

And yes, another monarch flitted in front of me…..geez! Still not fast enough to get a pic! Beautiful to watch even so.

Then there was a bird flying above…..just soaring on the wind currents, and I thought at first it might be a hawk or along those lines. I watched until it disappeared further into the sky. And then I walked along some more and saw about 4-5 of them all flying about one of the farms I go past. Then I thought….crows? But they looked more brownish in colour…..??  (A friend suggested to me later that it looked like a turkey vulture.)

One of the tall maples that I always admire on my walk had a little secret to show me. All surrounded by its still lush green leaves was a tiny “pocket” of already-turned reddish leaves – like its own little heart of autumn or its own little red “heart” of leaves.  Isn’t that cool?

HOWEVER, the absolute highlight for me was meeting up with someone new! You just never know what a new day will bring! Soooo exciting! She passed me the first time, as I was walking towards the turnaround point, and we briefly said “hi” and “what a beautiful day!” And my iPhone camera was being slow, so I only got a photo of her backside. Darn, I thought at first. Oh well, but at least I got something to remember the unusual contraption she was riding. Well, but wasn’t the Universe having some fun with me, when I later on spied the same cyclist coming towards me on my return leg of the route!! Haha! Second chance here; not wasting it! Got my iPhone ready for some more pics. And then we ended up having an initial brief chat…..and then she pulled over for a lengthier one! I was some tickled!! Oooooeeee! What a cool way to meet someone, and we fell into conversation easy peasy, like that, and had some laughs already. Yes, yes, you guessed it. We ultimately exchanged phone numbers and will be getting together for a really long visit! Gotta love life and its wonderful gifts!

P.S. Later on I googled a bit to find some more info on recumbent trikes, because that’s what she was riding. Just the coolest thing!