A Week of Inactivity? Not so….entirely.

Hello, Friends!

Yes, it’s been at least one week, since I posted last.  And yes, I have missed writing haiku and little stories.

It wasn’t that I chose to have a break.  You see, my body decided to make that decision.  I caught that heavy cold thing that’s been making its rounds hereabouts – although I had no intention of doing so – and it threw that wrench into my blogging routine.

It started to make an appearance in my throat area on Monday night, soon after I had shared that post about Leah, my senior lady friend.  Tuesday and Wednesday were spent mostly curled up under warm bed covers…..sleeping.  And more sleeping.  Not even hungry.  Just feeling feverish and weak.  And I cancelled all extra activities….even though I didn’t want to….

By Thursday I mustered up enough energy to do my usual work for Thursdays, because I needed to get back on track as there was more work scheduled coming up, including a somewhat busy weekend.  And I depend on the income to help pay for some of those activities.

Things continue to improve, even though I am still not quite over it; however, I can get on with things again and enjoy them.  I just need to make sure I have my trusty bottle of water and enough kleenex on hand, wherever I go.  Hahaha!

So, I see at this time – with joy and curiosity – that other blogging friends have posted comments to which I need to respond.  And apparently, there are some awards to devote some time and energy to as well.  🙂  Bear with me – I WILL get to them in time!

Oh yeah, and as a side note, it seems that I inadvertently shared my cold germs with my boys, as each and every one of them, strangely starting on the same day (Monday), is now “wrestling” with a runny nose and other symptoms and asking for a pot of soothing herbal tea to share with me…..as well as other of our home remedies.

It was in that spirit that I decided to make a pot of home-made chicken noodle soup – I doubled my usual batch – as that dependably soothing and  warming food eases the discomfort in our noses and tummies.



It was well received and much appreciated!  With seconds and thirds had by all.  🙂