With different instruments….still as beautiful

One of my friends shared this clip with me yesterday

And I’d like to share it with you.

I love this cover!  

In addition to being played in a beautiful traditional Japanese way……do those instruments ever sound amazing!!…….BUT also being one of my most FAVIEST of songs!! And it wasn’t because of its popularity that I’ve always loved the Zeppelin version, but that there’s always something about it that seems to strongly resonate with me in the musicality of the song.

These Japanese players have given it a similar feel – I had goosebumps!!

I searched on youtube for this clip, as the original came from another source….and the BONUS part is at the very beginning they have added in some educational information on this unique instrument….the Nijugen-Koto.  And there’s the other quite similar instrument….the Jushichigen-Koto.  The flutes are called Shakuhachi.

Always something new to learn!



An Unusual Singer

Yesterday I found heart-warming inspiration from an unexpected source.

I happened to glance at the activities of some of my Facebook friends and stopped at one where I read that one of my friends had liked a particular video post…..about a deaf singer performing at a talent show.

One other time I had come across a Ted Talk in which a woman was talking about her experience about being deaf and being involved in music, and she had been deaf at a young age.  She had overcome various challenges in her life and had fulfilled her dream of being a professional musician, or more precisely, a percussionist.

So, with that in mind, I was especially intrigued with this new post.

What increased the intrigue was that this other young woman – singer/songwriter – was appearing on the show, “America’s Got Talent,” which I generally don’t watch.  But now being somewhat savvy  that deafness doesn’t mean that a person can’t achieve their musicianship dreams,  I had a hunch this would be a ground-breaking experience.  Ever since Susan Doyle wowed the judges on the British equivalent show – where she overcame her hurdle of no formal training and wavering self-confidence – I keep a keen eye and ear open to those more “unique” aspiring singers.


What an incredibly momentous experience for this young lady!

Mandy Harvey – inspiring and amazing – how she handled overcoming her biggest obstacle….herself.

No spoilers from me, but I encourage you to watch this clip.



The Art of Falling


I just came across this gem via one of my girlfriend’s posts.

It gave me goosebumps.

I found it impactful and beautifully done.

It has a profound message.

The Facebook page Access Oneness posted this clip with this lead-in comment:

“So, you lose balance and you fall … but, what do you do next? Stop? Or go on? Make art out of falling …”


P.S. Re-watching it…..I just noticed something else. Look at the colouring of the trees from the aerial view.


Singing in Unison…But Not Together

That sounds like a bit of a paradox, right?

How can a group of people, or more precisely, over 2,000, be singing together on one song as a choir….and yet, not be in the same room at the same time.

That’s where the innovative thinking and composing skills of Eric Whitacre come in.

Come and have a look and listen to one of….’his “Virtual Choir” projects, bringing individual voices from around the globe together into an online choir.’  (Wikipedia)

Here is “Fly to Paradise”…..

Have you heard of a brinicle?

Wow!  It is freaky cool!    😀

I just discovered this video clip the other day.  The actual scientific footage was filmed in 2012.   It’s the first time I’ve heard of a brinicle.  So interesting to see how it is created and formed and what effect it has on its immediate surroundings in the ocean.  All part of scientific studies done in Antarctica.

Our earth is a never-ending source of new discoveries!

Check it out below….



In addition, this BBC article provides some extra details.  Click here for the article.



A Taste of….Wrongful Conviction!

As I have mentioned on a few previous posts, in addition to writing and blogging and other jobs, I also am busily involved with music, having experienced being in bands and performing live as well. (And I started eight years ago, when I took up drumming lessons)

Here in the Ottawa area is an organized opportunity – called the League of Rock – for aspiring musicians to take part for 10-week sessions in being put together in bands, learning 3-5 songs, having weekly rehearsals, getting coached from mostly local professional musicians, getting to perform live, as well as going into a recording studio to experience the process of recording one song.

I have taken part in four sessions – started in the fall session 2015 and finished with this last fall session – and it’s been an amazing experience!  I have met so many keen and talented musicians and had a LOT of fun.  There are a lot of friendships made, and also a sense of family created amongst the participants.

Truly memorable moments.

Here is the video that my band finally received from the photographer about our part of the finale live performance, where all five of the bands in this fall session showed the appreciative audience what they’d been working on.


Videographer – Christopher Paine

A Song With a Story

It’s been almost two months since my boys got me into the world of Spotify.  They are my younger minds with the higher technological bent than I, but I enjoy discoursing with them and learning from them, as my mind tries to keep up as best it can.

They kept nudging me to get on, because they know how much music means to me, and they said that once I got on, I’d be hooked.  And they were right!

It’s like having a CD or vinyl library – as I still have those – but in an online format.  The nice thing is that I can access albums that I have never seen or even knew about.  Spotify covers all genres, so it encourages exploration!  Over the weeks, my Spotify music collection has been growing….with classic oldies and favourites to adding in new artists and songs.

One of the other features of Spotify is called “Discover Weekly.”  I discovered it – haha! – one day, and showed it to one of my sons.  An opportunity for me to give back.  The idea for “Discover Weekly” is that based on the kind of music that a person has put together in their Spotify “library,” a new mixed listing of 30 songs is offered up at the beginning of each  week starting Mondays.  It becomes a personalized offering.  For example, the list that my son gets is completely different from the one I get.  Naturally, although we have some overlap on musicians whom we admire and listen to, we also veer off into our own preferences, so this is a fun feature.  And every “Discover Weekly” brings with it some surprises.  In my case, some wonderful classic oldies that don’t get played on radio anymore and seem to have vanished into the broadcasting archives.

I have had the pleasure of once again listening to songs such as “Classical Gas” by Mason Williams.  Or “I’d like to teach the world to sing” by the Hillside Singers.  It has been a really LONG TIME since I have heard that one.  I was thrilled last week, when the playlist included another old favourite of mine – “The Lonely Bull” by Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass! And the best part is that I can tag those songs, and they get added to my Spotify library.  Thus they are not lost, and I can listen to them whenever I want to again…..and again.

Which brings me to the song that I found in this week’s offering.  It’s an old song that I remember from the 60s when I was much younger.  I used to hear it on the radio.  It got played a bit in the 70s, too, but then it faded away.  It’s a song that always gives me goosebumps, because of the story told within it.  It’s a sombre story….bittersweet, too, in that it has a positive message….if people will listen.  It always resonated with me.

And so I decided to share it with you.  Some of you may remember it.  For some of you it will be completely new.

Have a listen and see what you think.  Old songs can still touch us.

Here is “One Tin Soldier” by The Original Caste…..interestingly, this youtube version shows an animation to go with it.


Changing Winds

I was exploring music videos again on youtube the other day.  Among a variety of songs, I found this one by the Scorpions – I’m expanding my knowledge regarding their music lately.

It’s a song for a sombre subject.  Many musicians have written lyrics and melodies regarding war and conflicts before, sharing all kinds of perspectives……possibly to reflect to us the things we should always be mindful of in our humanity.

And….ultimately to strive towards achieving peaceful, harmonious living.


When Music is a Racket…

….as in a tennis or squash racket?

But yes, here is another example of, well, when there is no limit to what the human mind can conceive and construct with which to create cool music.

Check it out!

Let us time travel back for a day…

That’s twice in a fairly short time that I’ve been engaged in a conversation on the subject of Pompeii.  This last time it was a young lady with whom I had attended a songwriting workshop, and afterwards we chatted about a variety of things.  We happened to discover how much we both enjoy history.  AND it was great fun to hear of her trip to Greece a couple of years ago, which included a stop in Pompeii.  She enjoyed the tour of the ruins and listening to the history of what it had been like back then, and, in fact, learning that the way the society was structured back then, it explained a lot as to why people didn’t leave the town even though there had been ample warnings and volcanic rumblings to let people and animals know that something was up.

In the excitement of our conversation, I mentioned to her this really cool video clip I had seen via another friend, and I told her that I’d send it to her, because I had a feeling she would enjoy it.

And since my blogging friend, Shiva, has encouraged me to share some more fascinating links – of unusual things like the dominoes one – I decided to share it with you all.

So…..let’s step back in time and watch how Mt. Vesuvius and one particular spot in Pompeii may have looked like back then….on that fateful day….