Unique additions to an underground garage

Having a long overdue trip to Germany – filled with visits with my cousins and uncles, as well as enjoying some sightseeing excursions.

This time the explorations have been in the northern part of the Black Forest area and a couple of places in Bavaria…..all of which I hadn’t seen before during previous family visits.

Now generally, the underground garages in Canada are fairly well laid out in that parking spots have designated numbers and letters, and then there are the entrances and exits with either ramps, stairs, and elevators.  Nothing that stands out.

Today I saw these two unique features of an underground garage located in the town of Füssen, Bavaria, namely…..


a)  A cordoned off area for people’s bicycles, which seems quite useful for certain situations.




……and then…..


b)  a designated “Frauenparkplatz” ie. a woman’s parking spot – there were close to 10 of them in this underground garage.




And I wondered…..

WHY would women need these designated areas??

I can already imagine the comments from the peanut gallery…..haha!







Our Town Has Two!



It’s always encouraging to see positive changes happening….especially in small towns, where the struggle sometimes occurs between keeping the “olden days” charm and embracing newer ideas and technologies.

For example,  several years ago, town council agreed to having a roundabout built to replace an intersection at the busier end of town – commuting traffic to and from the city – which often created traffic blockages.

I was thrilled to hear that news, because I had experienced for myself in trips to the U.K. and New Zealand just how handy roundabouts can be.  And they have oodles of them there!  One adapts easily to this method, and it keeps traffic flowing better.  Plus, there isn’t any need for traffic lights, the electricity and wiring usage normally required by those.

So, a few days ago, while driving through town from an errand, my sons and I caught sight of something new.  A promising new technology!

We have been keenly following improvements being made to solar energy for homeowners, as well as such innovations as electrically powered cars.

You should have heard the cheers in our car, when we spied – not one but TWO such stations – at one of the industrial businesses in our town.

Electric charging stations for those increasingly appearing new electric cars!

So good to see!

And in the meantime, we keep dreaming of our next car being an electric one.  🙂



IMG_4390 (2)


Some day we’ll get to see firsthand how these work!



Treasured Town

Although I live in the countryside and on a rural route, I am considered to still belong to  the town of Almonte.  My mailing address says so, too.  Haha!

About three weeks ago, my son, Conrad, and I drove into town for an errand and were witness to a literal sign in the sky that clearly showed us what a treasure of a town we have!

See!  There!…..there’s the one end of the rainbow…..definitely pointing to our town!


This is one of the county roads leading into town – that’s about 2 km west of one of the intersections.

In this next one, we have reached the intersection….are driving through it.  The rainbow is still alighting upon the town, the way it looks…..don’t you think?


And you can faintly see the double rainbow putting in an appearance to the left of the main one.  Is that twice the pot of gold, then?  Haha!

Finally, in more of the central part of town, the rainbow arch is quite visible.


Must have been a lucky day  for all the townspeople!





A Little Zeppelin Humour….


I always enjoy coming across those unexpected discoveries, especially if they are creative, cute, funny….where someone has put some extra thought into it.

My husband and I were walking along a main street in the town of Perth, Ontario, on our way to an anniversary dinner, when we spotted this store, tucked in among various others.  One of my husband’s favourite songs – back in his DJing days – is the classic Led Zeppelin song to which this sign refers.  It’s also a BIG favourite of mine….spanning back from the days of attending dances where that song ALWAYS was the finishing last song of the night.

When my sons, in their teen years, “discovered” the collection of music by the band and enthusiastically embraced it by listening to it, playing to it, learning more in-depth about it, and sharing all that knowledge with me, I had the chance to expand my previously limited understanding of the band and their influential music.  I am glad for that added education from my kids.  We continue to be keen and enthusiastic fans of Jimmy, John, John Paul, and Robert.