With different instruments….still as beautiful

One of my friends shared this clip with me yesterday

And I’d like to share it with you.

I love this cover!  

In addition to being played in a beautiful traditional Japanese way……do those instruments ever sound amazing!!…….BUT also being one of my most FAVIEST of songs!! And it wasn’t because of its popularity that I’ve always loved the Zeppelin version, but that there’s always something about it that seems to strongly resonate with me in the musicality of the song.

These Japanese players have given it a similar feel – I had goosebumps!!

I searched on youtube for this clip, as the original came from another source….and the BONUS part is at the very beginning they have added in some educational information on this unique instrument….the Nijugen-Koto.  And there’s the other quite similar instrument….the Jushichigen-Koto.  The flutes are called Shakuhachi.

Always something new to learn!



The Hang…part Two

A girlfriend just shared a youtube link, featuring a young man who’s performing fascinating, rhythmic, and melodically rich music with his hang drum.

And since I have a particular interest in hang drums, as I described in an earlier post – from September 14th, you can see it here – I decided to share this clip with you as well. This street player is self-taught and he incorporates a diversity of sound in his playing; even adding in separate percussive elements!  Wow!

As I was doing a bit of research, as a result of what the young man says to the street crowd before he starts playing, I learned that the instrument is correctly referred to as The Hang.

The Hang “is a musical instrument in the idiophone class created by Felix Rohner and Sabina Schärer in Bern, Switzerland (developed in 2000).” – Wikipedia

I invite you to check it out!  😀


A Soundtrack that infused so much “atmosphere” into this space movie

Yup, I am a movie buff.

Except I don’t know if that really describes it well enough.

It’s more of a deeper, in-depth appreciation of movies and the work that goes into the making of them. I have been fascinated about the process…..for years! Always those questions, how do they create that….the sets……the stunts……the music? So MUCH work can be put into a 2-hour film. So much that we as viewers don’t know.

It’s been an exciting journey to see the progression over the years….from times when one could only see a new movie in the cinema and then have to wait a few years before it showed up on TV as an evening featured movie – which is why I tended to buy the novels of my favourite movies in order to read and re-read them, so I could keep the memory of them alive and fresh in my mind.

Then came videos! That opened up a whole new world of getting to view favourites again….and sooner! And as often as one liked!

Okay, that there…..was heaven on earth! ^_^

And then VHS moved towards DVDs…..AND then came movies with the option of seeing background footage, deleted scenes, makings-of, and excerpts of the creators at work.

At that point I was in bliss!

Whenever I saw mention of BONUS MATERIAL, the excitement would be heightened in the watching of a movie on DVD. AND to make extra mention of those films where an incredible amount of detailed work was put into that material for the fans to enjoy – not all DVDs bonus material was at the same level of depth – but usually for the ones my kids and I loved.

Take the movie “Interstellar” for example. Mind you, we were Chris Nolan fans at this point, and even so, Interstellar took us for a humdinger of a ride!

Even though we are keenly aware of the amount of work that went into the making of that film, on occasion we still find something to boggle our minds once again, which brings me to this youtube clip that my lads just found about the process of the creation of the distinctive soundtrack……AND the organ and incredibly skilled organ player who took it to the next level – OMG! Absolutely cool and amazing!!


When Music is a Racket…

….as in a tennis or squash racket?

But yes, here is another example of, well, when there is no limit to what the human mind can conceive and construct with which to create cool music.

Check it out!

Melodic Rhythms – Introducing Hang Drums

Today a friend posted a video clip of a person using mallets and playing a tank drum, and it has a light and whimsical sound to it.  It’s such a fascinating instrument!

I added to the conversation by including a video clip that I have saved for a couple of years, ever since I was introduced by a different friend to the sounds of HANG drums.  I am including the clip for you to look at….and see for yourself what you think.

It still captivates me, watching the two musicians playing their two hang drums and creating lovely rhythms and beautiful, rich tones. So imaginative in composition…..and it gets your body moving along with it…. and such lightness of touch in the playing!

Garden Resident



Sits ever so still;

But on approaching too close,

Whoop!  Leaping surprise!



It was one of those days when a lot of wildlife showed up in the garden as I was hoeing and weeding.

First, a more beige-coloured frog surprised me, when it jumped from beneath some leaves, as I must have been getting closer with the hoe.

Then a little later, this little green, spotted fellow crossed my path and soon sat in the cool shade and let me take oodles of photos. Such a cutie!

AND THEN! As I continued hoeing, all of a sudden there was a slithering going on! Startled me a bit until I realized it was a garter snake – I guess I disturbed her rest.  And I watched her do her slithery circle thing through the grass and back into the flower bed.  As she disappeared underneath some protective leaves, another frog suddenly leaped from that same area and crossed the path to the other side!!

And among some blue-ish flower spikes, there was a constant buzzing and wing flapping going on – both bumble bees and butterflies dining busily on all the nectar.

Lots of action happening!



Hello, Pretty Lady!

IMG_2061 (2)


Outside my bedroom

Window, I hear trills and chirps

Good morning, she says!



This pretty lady sang in the branches of our huge lilac tree outside our bedroom window on Friday morning, welcoming me back from our trip perhaps…..??

Such a sweetie.
Who might she be?
As the lilac is criss-crossing in branches, I didn’t get the clearest sight to her.

I thoroughly enjoyed her song and her presence!

Note:  A couple of friends have since told me that she’s a grey cat bird and has great mimicking skills. If she mimics as well as she sings, I am intrigued! I will do some research on her.

This is the first time I’ve ever encountered a grey cat bird, and I used to occupy myself with regular bird-watching years ago.  Always another first, right?

This second photo shows her a bit more….



The Making of a Drum


Around three weeks ago I attended a creative workshop…..a drum-making workshop.  A friend had let me know about it two weeks before that, and it sounded like a lot of fun, that I signed up to participate.  And she did, too.

All I knew at first was that the required materials would be supplied, and the whole group would learn together how to make native drums…..one for each of us.  Our instructors, David and Laura, were enthusiastic and knowledgeable and so helpful as they guided us through the various steps. We all started with soaked, already cut deerskin as well as the already shaped spruce wood frame.

Feeling so new at this craft, after a while the flow of binding the deerskin onto the frame with more deerskin “strings” started to happen.  It was an enjoyable process to work with these natural materials and see the drum slowly take shape.  Meanwhile, David would tell us some native stories, when he wasn’t giving us directions or demonstrating the next procedure.

We learned the importance of feeling respect and gratitude for the animal that gave itself, and thus its gifts, so that we could make these crafts.

At the end of the session we had all shared some conversation, some snacks (during the break), some laughter – because we were all having so much fun! – and held in our hands our newly bound and shaped and tightened, still moist drums.  Not yet ready to be used, but it wouldn’t be long before they’d be dry.  All of us felt great as well as satisfied with our finished work and posed as one big group for the final photos.

As we left both David and Laura sent us off with a native song – he used a shaker and she sang – that had parts that we could all join in on ie. the chorus.  It created a warm feeling of harmony and fellowship.

Now I just have to get into regular habit of oiling and tuning my drum, so it will last and always keep its wonderful resonant sound.

The “drumsticks” we were given, as David had made them prior to the workshop.  These photos show the “inside” of the drum.  You can see the binding as well as the woven handle for ease of holding the drum.