Unique additions to an underground garage

Having a long overdue trip to Germany – filled with visits with my cousins and uncles, as well as enjoying some sightseeing excursions.

This time the explorations have been in the northern part of the Black Forest area and a couple of places in Bavaria…..all of which I hadn’t seen before during previous family visits.

Now generally, the underground garages in Canada are fairly well laid out in that parking spots have designated numbers and letters, and then there are the entrances and exits with either ramps, stairs, and elevators.  Nothing that stands out.

Today I saw these two unique features of an underground garage located in the town of Füssen, Bavaria, namely…..


a)  A cordoned off area for people’s bicycles, which seems quite useful for certain situations.




……and then…..


b)  a designated “Frauenparkplatz” ie. a woman’s parking spot – there were close to 10 of them in this underground garage.




And I wondered…..

WHY would women need these designated areas??

I can already imagine the comments from the peanut gallery…..haha!






Little Touches of Humour #2

At the Cove, Nov. 8, 2014


Perhaps I should call these kinds of posts “Funny Signs” instead of “Little Touches of Humour,” as both this one and the previous one focused on signs. 😀

Oh well.  This series will expand, I’m sure.

I think this facetious sign could be placed in MANY settings, don’t you?  Haha!  It would always be a conversational piece!  And it’s quite correct, too.  😀

It was my pleasure to find this sign posted above the washrooms area at The Cove Country Inn in Westport, Ontario.

Aside from running a comfy inn and cosy restaurant – occasionally providing live music concerts, too – the owners of The Cove clearly have a keen sense of fun!