Spring time….FINALLY!



Well, the beginnings of Spring….but I’m so keen, I will accept that.

Just when it seemed to turn into spring just over a week and a half ago, the weather turned cold and wintry again with heavy snowfalls and freezing rain.

We often get snowfalls in April, but generally they don’t last long….with the snow melting away again the following day, due to the sunshine.

So, this was most unusual.

But yesterday it finally turned into spring-like weather and temperatures!

The sun was shining, the snow continued to disappear, and the temperatures turned warmer.

After all my errands for the day, I headed back outside…on foot this time….for a good long walk and to observe the changes.

There was a cool wind blowing – lots of fresh spring air!





Tenacious snow clumps among dried grasses….





When the sun shines brightly, there is this striking shimmer bouncing off of last year’s old crop stems…..





Some areas still have more snow than others….





A friendly jogger I met in passing….




IMG_7920 (2)

Retreating snow and old hay bales…..




IMG_7931 (2)

This one was near the road….





Forks in a road always look kinda cool!




IMG_7994 (2)

It looked like these two were riding bicycles….except they were motorized…..similar to mopeds?





Blue sky reflected in the water running in the ditches….





First time I’ve seen this new kind of bi-coloured wrap on round hay bales….





Tractor tracks onto a farm field….





Nearby pond where soon the sounds of peeper frogs will be heard once again in the nightly chorus!





First Flowers of Spring!



Popped up from the ground,

Tiny green stems holding up

White flower greetings!




The start of every new spring season I always keenly await those first brave little bulb flowers who cheerily greet me with their delicate white faces.

Such a joyful sight to behold amid the backdrop of last year’s brown and dried vegetation.

Just now I went outside to capture some of their beauty to share with you.

I hope you like them!

The flower in the photo above is a snowdrop.




These next ones are called “Glory in the Snow” and also “Striped Squill.”

(….the names I found as I was googling…..  🙂 )






For me it’s an endless pleasure to gaze at these tiny white spring flowers.

Here are more snowdrops…..




Glowing Outdoor Skating Rink



Brightly lit circle,

Shadowy dark shapes abound,





There is a cool-looking outdoor skating rink that finds a temporary home throughout the winter months, nicely constructed in the front area of Ottawa’s City Hall.

I have walked passed it at night a few times recently, as I was heading for the NAC – National Arts Centre  (which is located nearby) – to either see a play or a live music show.  The City Hall’s underground parking facility comes in handy for accessing various destinations in the area, and so in going to and fro, we passers-by get to see the enthusiastic skaters who make good use of this skating rink.

I think it is at its prettiest at night, when the edge of the rink is aglow in colours that continuously change from yellow to red to green to blue – always looping – thereby creating a magical and fun mood.

One of these evenings, I need to grab my skates and experience it for myself!




I uploaded my own video to youtube, so you can see for yourself…..


Winter Sunsets



The coolness of snow,

And the blues of cloud and sky;

Softened with sunshine.




I took both of these wintry sunset photos about three days apart.  One can sky-gaze every day and never see the same view twice.

Nature’s endlessly tantalizing and fun show!

It feels good to see the blanket of snow everywhere – things are getting a good rest.



The Snow Dress



Freshly fallen snow;

The young tree’s branches hang low,

But one clasps the sun.




Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve been getting big snowfalls followed by slightly warmer days in which much of the snow melts away again.

Two days ago we had another one of those heavier snowfalls, which, in my mind, always makes the trees look so elegant and pretty in their “snow dresses.”

I love how everything looks in that soft, glistening blanket of white snow.


See how this next tree seems to be designed with a bridal dress train flourish flowing down its right side…





And this last one “jumps” out more with its completely white branches, as it stands in front of the lesser dressed tree in behind.



In Praise of the Tamarack



Green in the summer,

Its needles turn bright yellow,

Then drop completely.




Do you know the tamarack?

It’s a coniferous tree that grows abundantly in Canada.

Tamaracks are among my favourite trees!

Once the many deciduous trees have impressed us with their spectacular fall dresses and then shed them, these modest trees – known as deciduous conifers, also called Tamarack (from Algonquian) and larch, suddenly explode into vibrant yellow colour!

They are the only conifers in Canada whose needles change colour and also get dropped!  I have been enthralled with these trees ever since I first learned of their unique quality years ago, when one of our older neighbours, Ross, told me about them.

I love seeing these yellow lovelies along all the country roads I drive these days, when everything else begins to look more brown and grey and bare, before winter sets in.





Note:  The word tamarack is the Algonquian name for the species and means “wood used for snowshoes.”


Ignoring the Snow



Cat looks to the left,

Pumpkin stem bends to the right;

As in…..snow?  What snow?




Last Thursday – October 27th – a large area of the Ottawa Valley received a surprisingly BIG amount of snowfall.  Usually, the snow won’t show up in such amounts until well after all the fall colours have gone, the leaves have fallen, and things are looking grey and brown and muddy.  If there IS an earlier snowfall, it’s usually quite light, and there is little snow accumulation, because the flakes melt mostly once they reach the ground.

For some reason, this time there was a day-and-a-half’s worth of constant snowing with fall colours still vying for their rightful showtime.

I went outside and took photos of this more unusual “collision” of the two seasons, including this one of our front steps with our as-yet-uncarved pumpkin on the one side and our cat, Hemingway, sitting momentarily….possibly contemplating whether going outside was a good idea in view of all that cold, wet snow everywhere.

I just loved this image with it appearing as if our cat was looking away from the snowy scene and the pumpkin was also seemingly eyeing askance at all that intrusive, cold white stuff, but in the opposite direction.


With dabs of red it starts…



Mostly green, and yet…

Tinges of red here and there;

The magic unfolds.




These days as I drive along the country roads, I see more and more green trees looking as if painted with yellow, orange, or red dabs at the edges.

It’ll be fun to watch over the next couple of weeks how the trees slowly change from green to more yellow, orange, or red until there is no more green to be seen.

Then, outside of the evergreens, all the other trees are consumed by colour, and such a vibrant display it becomes.

It’s a magic trick that nature plays on us!

Autumn Wildflowers



Sprays of blue asters,

Clustered along the roadside,

And pink clovers, too.





There’s a back roads route I have been taking all summer up to the White Lake area – it’s a good 35-minute drive to my destination.  Winding here and there….with wildflowers and fields and forests and occasional wildlife to be seen.

Now that autumn has been setting in, not only do the tree leaves start changing their colours, but the later blooming wildflowers have their showy time.

For the past few days, those tiny bluish flowers have been smiling at me, as I drove by – looking like a sea of pale blue – and I didn’t want to miss out on looking at them up close, so on my drive back home two days ago, I stopped to take some pictures and to admire and enjoy their beauty.






They are such cheerful pretty flowers!




And then finally the wide view  of them along the roadside….





Colours of Autumn’s Arrival


Feel it in the air?

Summer is saying good-bye;

A change in colours.


Note: I love how just a few of the leaves are showing their colour changes…in speckles….and with the still-green ones all around them.



They peek from below –

Clusters of purple asters –

And whisper their joy.


Note:  These flowers are the ones that always whisper “autumn” to me. Those purple asters. I love them. Such a deep colour in a time of colour changes looming, particularly visible in so many kinds of tree leaves.


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