“What do you think, Dad?”




Two figures sitting,

Always in conversation;

Not a word spoken.




Early this evening I drove to the library to return some items that had come due.

This time I arrived when it was closed and no one was around.

So, after dropping my two items into the RETURN slot, I could take a little extra time to have a closer look at this particular sculpture located to the right of the entrance door.

It was put there a few years ago.

I have walked past these two people numerous times when picking up or dropping off borrowed items….sitting on that bench….in all kinds of weather, too.  Sunshine, rain, and snow.

And those two figures never look deterred from their conversation on that bench.

It’s an ongoing discussion.

About what, I wonder?




NOTE:  I fiddled with the camera a bit on features to enhance lighting; here’s another view with their faces lit up more so their expressions are clearer.

Now they appear a bit more life-like than statue.

Still intriguing.







Six Word Story #9



Canada’s Birthday in Ice and Lights




What a vibrant glow from those red and white lights as they shine through the carved ice!

The colours of our flag.

Celebrations have already started, and there will be all kinds of activities and events taking place in communities  all across the country, leading up to July 1st of this year.

This ice sculpture is among several artistic and creative frozen carvings temporarily located in Confederation Park in Ottawa, Ontario, during the Winterlude Festival.

And here is how it looks in the day time – I took that one a few days earlier.




Note:  I took the day-time one first as I was passing by…..when I went exploring the area,  right along with all kinds of tourists and visitors.

I didn’t realize that the colours would be intensified in the evening darkness, which I noticed yesterday evening on my way to go see a play at the National Arts Centre (located a bit further north of Confederation Park).



Wouldn’t it be funny, if…?

Easter Island heads....with bottoms.....on FB


Those Easter Island head stones are mind-boggling to me – their size, the carving of their faces, their origins, their meaning – a wonderful riddle that a civilization of ancient peoples left for us.

Every time I see them, usually in photos, they capture my imagination and sense of wonder!

And now this humorous touch…. 🙂

What are they……car icicles?


Muddy.  Dirty lines,

Hanging down from the car sides –

And they grew so fast!



On my birthday I did end up going to work.  But as I told my family and friends,  when you enjoy your work and have fun with your co-workers, it’s something to look forward to and, well, there’s the chance that there may be some collective “birthday song” singing and lots of hugs!

And there was!  Along with a few other surprises….such as the bouquet of colourful daisies!  (featured in a previous blog post)

Another added surprise, however, occurred outside….all the while I was inside the building.  It wasn’t until my work was done and I was heading for my car that I saw something I hadn’t seen before.  Icicles sprouting downwards from the sides of my car!

Or well, let me clarify.  I have seen icicles growing along the car sides before, but usually overnight, when snow and ice were melting during the day and then the icy, cold night temperatures caused the drips to turn solid and frozen.

The icicles you see in the above photos took form in only a matter of five hours AND during the morning and afternoon – unusual, as that tends to be the warmer part of the day.  It’s always fun to see the shaping and forms that icicles take – as the cold to freezing water drops attach to each other and accumulate.  This time though, instead of looking clear and clean, as icicles tend to look when they grow downwards from the roof of our house, these ones looked quite dirty and muddy.  Naturally, the accumulated salty dirt on the car doors from the previous days of driving on salted and slushy roadways contributed to that unclean aspect.

What I found particularly fascinating was how there was a somewhat larger icicle on my friend’s car door – the only one of the whole bunch – which managed to grow long enough to touch the ground…..and even make a slight indentation into the earth!

Check it out in this photo:


The Man in the Desert Who Creates Land Art in Caves

I just came across the following link – an Oscar-nominated documentary (a bit over 30 minutes long), titled “Cave Digger.” The film focuses on this man doing his unique, creatively artistic, amazing work…..mostly just because he loves doing it.

Click on the link below, so you can meet Ra Paulette, who has been digging these types of caves for 20 years!