Curious Bovine



Silently watchful;

In the midst of eating….and

Also curious!




Returning back home from the same walk where I took those cloud photos (see the previous post), my walk takes me along the road that skirts one side of my neighbour’s farm.  And so, I often get to observe what the dairy cows – and in this case, some horses, too! – are doing.

And sometimes, as these two fine bovine ladies demonstrated, I get a little extra attention.  Nice!

I greeted them and talked to them, and they then continued with their favourite pastime.  🙂






Six Word Story #14



Sky-filled darkened clouds create dramatic expectation!



On my walk last week.

Fascinating how looking to the west at one point sets the mood for something….that pause in the air.  What might happen!

And then 10 minutes further down the road.  I look toward the east, and it’s an entirely different light and mood.



Hello, Deer!

IMG_3724 (2)


I was being watched

With curious interest;

I returned the gaze.




On my drive home after finishing work this past Sunday afternoon, I drove with the windows opened a smidge to let the relatively  warmer  outside air blow into the car.

Also savouring the sunshine-bathed view as I looked around, at one point I noticed there was a brownish shape standing among the dried up corn stalks in one of the fields.

Realizing what it was as I drove by, I continued a bit further and then pulled around to go back.  I wanted to have a better look at these four-legged beauties.  There were three of them – two of which you can see in the above photo.

So, I stopped the car, put it into idle, and took my time watching the deer.

Until they moved further into the field.

That was my gift from nature, and I felt grateful.  😀




A few more photos….






Would you make up your mind already?

February 2nd was noteworthy.

Not only because of the fickleness of our wintry weather – I have witnessed it a few times in the past month, actually – no….but also because I decided to take some photos to record the strangeness of it.

All within a matter of  only minutes, the scenery would change….and then change again!

In the late morning of Feb. 2nd, I went out to do some errands.  Bright sunshine beating down.  Blue sky.  The sparkle of white snow in the fields and along the roadside.

As I was driving back towards home, I noticed that the sky was turning back to grey with clouds blocking out the sun.




Only another kilometre and a half further……

….no more sunshine and back to that blanket of grey clouds.

And the wind joined in by blowing and swirling snow across the road….




….as well as down our country road.




After I parked the car and got inside, I hunkered down all nice ‘n cozy and checked for messages.


Now within a mere ten minutes – I kid you not! – I glanced outside.  What ?!?!

I went back out to take photos of these next three views!





…..the only way one can make shadows is with the aid of the sunshine, yes?




It truly felt as if that grey period hadn’t happened!




So, feeling all gleeful again, I went back inside.


Ten minutes later……






Yep….a few more minutes later, and everything was grey everywhere again with lots of snow falling down.  Lots of flakes.  Big flakes.

Except by that point, I stubbornly refused to go back outside and take photos.

So, you’ll just have to imagine it, okay?



Six Word Story #6



Winding road leads me back home.




I live in a beautiful rural area, with parts of it farmland and other parts meadows, fields, and forests.

There are three different roads I can take when going home. This is the main one I take, when returning from the towns, Almonte and Carleton Place, or from the city of Ottawa.

At the top of that hill, it’s just a little bit further.  🙂



Six Word Story #5



School bus signals so cars stop.




Today in the afternoon, when I was returning home from a couple of hours of volunteer work for some community Christmas preparations, I ended up behind this school bus that was dropping off children living in a neighbouring rural community.



Winter Sunsets



The coolness of snow,

And the blues of cloud and sky;

Softened with sunshine.




I took both of these wintry sunset photos about three days apart.  One can sky-gaze every day and never see the same view twice.

Nature’s endlessly tantalizing and fun show!

It feels good to see the blanket of snow everywhere – things are getting a good rest.



The “V” Cloud



Two arms reaching up,

Dark blue clouds form a letter.

Or….a flying bird?




This photo would actually be a continuation from the one I posted on Nov. 16th that showed that vibrant sunset image (find it here ).  Do you remember it?

In my post I had mentioned that “later on the clouds modified their shape a bit and turned into blue tones before fading completely away.”

As I noticed how the clouds and sky were changing in design and colour from those first vibrantly red ones, I took some more photos, mostly because of the dramatic change from one to the other.

Just now as I was looking at the photos again, the letter “V” seemed so pronounced in the cloud formation, and I thought I’d have some fun with it.  Get our imaginations going!



Sky Gazing…Again



Blazing bursts of red

Dazzle, and tall tree branches

Stretch their ballet arms.




Sunset yesterday evening – around 4:40 p.m. about 7 minutes drive from my home.

My Gosh, but I couldn’t keep my eyes off of the brilliant splashes of colour in the sky.
Yes, yes….I stopped the car to gaze in wonder and awe.

As the sunset progressed, later on the clouds modified their shape a bit and turned into blue tones before fading completely away.

As one of my friends – Anahita – just commented to me, “it’s almost like the sun wanted his glory before the super moon got hers.”

Could be, eh?