On My Daily Walk….Yesterday

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Yes, it’s become my daily walk and not necessarily always at the same time.  It can be mornings or early evenings (like in these photos I took from yesterday’s walk).  I started this new form of exercise in the first week of June and I plan on keeping it going, because it no longer feels like an exercise that I need to do as my goal….but more of a fun new activity that I look forward to and don’t want to miss doing and now can’t imagine NOT doing – hahaha!

Primarily, I walk along two country roads, the bigger one being paved.  There are uphill and downhill parts on both of them, so that adds a bit of “extra work” as well.

I was loving the sunshine on my face and arms as I walked along at my usual good, comfortable, steady pace.  And as I was facing homeward bound again, that’s when I paid more attention to the clouds in the sky and really noticed that darker cloud.  I liked that “heavier” looking cloud that still somehow seems to be so light in the sky.  And I liked how the rows in the field showed up distinctly.  So, I stopped and took a few pictures.  Interesting isn’t it, when you look just a smidge to the right, which is the next picture in sequence…and even though the dark cloud is still in the sky to the left (outside of the frame), you wouldn’t know or think it was there just looking at the second picture.  All the clouds are white, and the sky is blue.


This third picture I took going closer to the edge of the left side of the road, mostly because I love the sight of these grasses with the lighter beige tufts that always invite me to fan my hand over their softness…..as well as run my hands through the soft ferny ground cover right at the edge of the sandy shoulder, running along the right edge of those taller grasses.  Adds some tactile exploration….and fun!

From time to time occasional birds – red-winged blackbirds and sparrows and bobolinks and mourning doves, among others – briefly perch along the hydro lines, and we check each other out.

Interestingly, every walk is never quite the same….different clouds, occasional rain sprinkles or little “showers,” total cloudiness, breezes or barely breezy, and the haying in certain fields, and the slowly growing taller of the corn crops in other fields.

Sure is peaceful and calm.

A Cuddly Crawly Critter?


EEK! Just now I could feel something underneath my t-shirt on the left side near the neck end thinking it might be one of the larger ants that seem to crawl about in our house here and there, with my right hand I pushed down on the little roundish dot and then quickly slipped in my finger and flicked it out from under the shirt. I looked down on the floor, expecting to see a little ant heap……BUT!…..it wasn’t an ant at all! It was….a …..CATERPILLAR!!! AAHHHHHH!! it was okay, and I then picked it up with my paper pad and took it outside, but I kept thinking, how did the little bugger land on me….while I’m sitting in bed…..?? From the ceiling? From when I had gone outside earlier?? I don’t mind crawly critters, but I DO prefer them outside, where they can be FREE and also leave me be.

Note:  A tent caterpillar, and in the second photo – as it’s getting over its shock from being ejected – there’s one of those big ants walking on by….

And I don’t scream at critters.  I handle the situation like a pro, while I go “beuhhhh!” on the inside.  🙂

Food Stories


Okay…..so I didn’t pay close attention to the stove dial – getting re-acquainted with this stove (that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!)  And what I thought was the simmer indicator was only high on the smaller element. Eek! Yep, you guessed it….I burst the weiners for supper. On the bright side though, there’s more surface area for dipping into the mustard!!  And well, the steamed asparagus still turned out tender-crisp and tasty. That’s ‘cuz I was paying more attention to them….than the weiners.


Since I’m on the subject of food, what do you do, when you have good intentions of making a chicken goulash, only to find out mid-way – with the requisite staples of chopped onions, garlic, celery, and green pepper having softened nicely in the pot and awaiting the much loved generous sprinklings of paprika? Well, on account of there must still be a bin somewhere…unopened….with the remaining jars of herbs and spices. But I haven’t got time to LOOK for that! My veggies cannot wait a moment longer. So, I rummage through my spice jars and grab some cajun spices – ooooohhhh! Hmmmm…..let’s see what I can come up with now…..
Generous sprinklings of cajun spice then leads to…..found the ground chipotle in the cupboard up top – oh yeah! Gotta add some of that! And then in the pantry I find a jar of salsa. So, then a few drops of red wine (emptied the bottle used for the cacciatore of two days ago) – literally, a few drops, almost negligible – some stock….and it all goes to simmer into a flavourful saucy chicken dish with a really nice spicy bite to it! I think it makes up for the wieners I burst…..even though the order is reversed – hahaha! Chicken yesterday, weiners today!

Note:  The paprika in the photo is the new batch I picked up at the natural food store the next day.

Note2: Felt like digressing from poetry to food….haha!

So different from anything I have known before……so stimulating, so thrilling!

I finish reading through a couple of poems from a new blogger and look at the lower corner of the screen monitor.  Almost 4 a.m.  Wow.  And I have been staying up into the wee early hours for the past couple of days.  Possibly because it’s quiet in the house…..possibly because after I get the other things done, I indulge in exploring and connecting with my “new friends” in the blogging world.  And what a world it is!  I had no idea how my perspective, my perception would change.  Blogging is opening up doors and windows to a wonderful, exciting bigger world of creative writers and artists and photographers.  The discovering….the inspiring….the admiring of the far-ranging and incredible variety of thoughts and ideas and images.  I am equally humbled and profoundly grateful for all of this newfound excitement!  My initial foray into such reaches of online social interactions probably started with facebook, and over the past six-and-a-half years, I have thoroughly enjoyed and revelled in all that facebook offers and entices – the connecting with old friends and the making of new friends and communicating with friends I see in person often or just here and there.  And so now it feels as if I have made my way to that inviting french door at the far end of the room that I have spent some time traversing – with its glass inlays and sunshine streaming through – that beckons me to open it and step into new and more wondrous places!  This is bliss!

The Chocolate Guitar


My daughter stopped by for a short visit this evening,

Bringing with her a surprise….in the spirit of Mother’s Day (last weekend).

She found this delightful treat in a store in a small town, while browsing with a friend,

A store that offered up all manner of delectables, including gelato, sherbets,

Regular ice cream, a diverse assortment of jelly beans,

Goodies and more goodies, including milk chocolate in unusual designs.

And well…..chocolate instruments?

They didn’t have drums in chocolate, which she hoped to find for me.

However, there were chocolate guitars!

Couldn’t play “Greensleeves” on it…..

But yummers!  It tasted really good!