Cheery Faces!



Daffodil duo;

In among the brown and green,

They smile – springtime cheer!




A week ago I went exploring in the front garden.  I found a few yellow daffodil buds popping up and a couple of flowers opened in full, like these two.

Something about their sunny yellow colour that has me singing inside.  🙂

I also noticed how some daffodil’s leaves and buds were so determined to show themselves, that they broke their way through last year’s leaves, taking them upwards with them!

Leafy collars are the new fashion.  🙂








Tri-tone Hydrangeas

IMG_5030 (2)


Don’t hydrangea flowers usually come in white, pink, or blue?

That was then.  This is now.  Seems I gotta get up to speed.

Horticulturalists are always breaking new ground, when it comes to flower colours, whether in tulips or carnations or roses…..and, as I recently found out, also hydrangeas.

Before Easter, grocery stores were stocked up with ever so many hydrangeas. In addition to the usual whites and blues of hydrangea blooms, there were also deep purples, deep pinks…..and well, I saw this tri-tone blend.

It immediately appealed to me!  Purple, pink, and white altogether…….why not?

So that was the non-chocolate Easter treat that I got for the family. 😀




And here are some single purple and pink ones that I also saw at the stores.







First Flowers of Spring!



Popped up from the ground,

Tiny green stems holding up

White flower greetings!




The start of every new spring season I always keenly await those first brave little bulb flowers who cheerily greet me with their delicate white faces.

Such a joyful sight to behold amid the backdrop of last year’s brown and dried vegetation.

Just now I went outside to capture some of their beauty to share with you.

I hope you like them!

The flower in the photo above is a snowdrop.




These next ones are called “Glory in the Snow” and also “Striped Squill.”

(….the names I found as I was googling…..  🙂 )






For me it’s an endless pleasure to gaze at these tiny white spring flowers.

Here are more snowdrops…..




A Burst of Orange!

Cactus Bloom; Dec. 12, 2012


Arching cactus arms;

Noduled stems of deepest green –

Flower flames at tip.




Such a welcome warm colour at my windowsill.

Christmas Cacti (Schlumbergera) can be so generous with their blooms.

(Archived:  photo taken in December of 2012)


Nature’s Delicate Side

With icy and snowy landscapes greeting me as I look out the windows, I sometimes go poking through older photos with some of them taken in the warmer seasons…..just for that occasional break.

I came across these two last night.






In a patch of downtrodden grass

Stands a sentinel.

Reaching tall….reaching for the sun’s warmth.

A splayed fan of fine, grassy wisps at the top.

In a burst of bright green,

Saying, “I am here!”






Little girl in white

With a bouffant of pink hair;

Dancing with a friend.




The first photo was taken during a visit at a wildlife reserve in August 2015 up in the Yukon.  Our group had walked over to where some caribou were grazing in their sufficiently large area – we could watch them with a wired fence between us – and in between taking photos of the caribou, I also found some other beauties in this spot….like that little grassy shoot.


The second photo was taken of bleeding hearts blooms in the front bed of my garden in the spring of 2015.  I had actually waited too long, and many of the fuller clusters had already passed the height of their generous blooming time.



The Popularity of Orchids



Clustered together,

Protected with clear plastic,

White orchids as gifts.




Last week when I was at the grocery store, I paid closer attention to the floral display area.

Looking so welcoming, all those potted plants and flowers greeted incoming customers.  A diverse selection of colours and plant types for people to choose to keep…or give as gifts in this Christmas season.

The flowers that primarily caught my attention were these good-sized white orchids.  Each plant looking in excellent health, holding proudly several orchid blooms.  I smiled.  It had me thinking how over time orchids have become more popular.

Many years back when I had a house filled with potted plants of varying kinds, I would hear about orchids and think how particular their requirements are….and that they were barely seen in floral or nursery stores, which further underscored my perception of their elusiveness to have success at growing them at home.

Then in later years, I would see my father avidly taking care of three or four orchid varieties in my parents’ home – all looking healthy and producing beautiful blooms!  It occurred to me, when I asked my father about their care, that perhaps they weren’t QUITE as particular in their environmental requirements as I used to think.

So, when I now see these orchids popping up in all manner of stores, I conclude that somehow they have become more mainstream in their appeal and in their care.

And that’s a good thing.


Frosty Magic



Intricate leaflets

With a silvery frost tinge;

A magic dusting?




As I left my tiny cabin in the morning for a walkabout, a dusting of frost had fallen everywhere on the plants outside.  I was enthralled with the fern fronds’ design, as well as how the silvery frost blends down to the usual green colour as it gets closer to the tips.

You can see how the oval-shaped leaves from yet another plant – on the top and right of this photo – stand out with their distinctive outline due to the frost.

This photo was taken in early July of 2007, when I was visiting in Picton, South Island, New Zealand  (their wintertime).