Funny quirks of spatial perception

IMG_1819 (2)


I was amused yesterday when I went to the grocery store to pick up a few things.  I found a spot in the area I usually like to park, and as I pulled alongside the grey car I was going to park beside, my mind quickly registered that that car was parked a bit crooked.  No biggie, as I figured I knew where the lines were and would park aligned with them.

At first glance it looks as if I managed to park straighter.  (see photo above)

However, I soon realized that the habit of reversing into a spot has me always looking to my sides and gauging the distance from any car at my side.  Even though I had made that mental note about the crookedness of the grey car, it seems that the habit of aligning myself with the neighbouring car was MUCH stronger than my sense of fitting into the rectangular lines.  Haha!

In the second photo you can see how crooked I was with the view to the line on my passenger side. 😊


IMG_1825 (3)






“What do you think, Dad?”




Two figures sitting,

Always in conversation;

Not a word spoken.




Early this evening I drove to the library to return some items that had come due.

This time I arrived when it was closed and no one was around.

So, after dropping my two items into the RETURN slot, I could take a little extra time to have a closer look at this particular sculpture located to the right of the entrance door.

It was put there a few years ago.

I have walked past these two people numerous times when picking up or dropping off borrowed items….sitting on that bench….in all kinds of weather, too.  Sunshine, rain, and snow.

And those two figures never look deterred from their conversation on that bench.

It’s an ongoing discussion.

About what, I wonder?




NOTE:  I fiddled with the camera a bit on features to enhance lighting; here’s another view with their faces lit up more so their expressions are clearer.

Now they appear a bit more life-like than statue.

Still intriguing.






“Will you share with me?”



Completely at ease;

Perched on my purse; treat in hand,

You don’t mind, do you?




I can only be filled with admiration at the audacity, charm, and cuteness of this little furry friend I saw a couple of days ago.

I was almost done my work at the cottage I was cleaning and had already brought supplies onto the porch, along with my water bottle and purse.  The last thing to do was finish mopping the floor.

It wasn’t long before I heard the distinctive sounds of my chipmunk friend coming to check me out.

I learned something new that day.  And I shouldn’t be surprised….really.  My chipmunk friend has a tremendously keen nose. After coming up the stairs and investigating a bit, it crawled up on my purse which I had left open by about four inches, leaned in, tore off some pieces from my apple inside, sat on top of my purse, and munched quite happily on it. Did this a few times.




It could smell the tempting scent of my fresh apple – which was intended to be my after-work snack – from a good distance away.

Funny thing was,  I’d forgotten that I had put an apple into my purse when I left for work, and the way the chipmunk was holding its hands together while eating, it looked more like it was eating nuts. Which puzzled me, because I definitely remembered not having any nuts in my purse!

It wasn’t until after the chipmunk continued on its purposeful way, that I looked inside my purse and found the food source!

Feels good to have shared with my little furry friend.  And yes, I DID finish eating the apple.  Haha!

Hmm….I’m thinking claw scrape marks?  As the munching was done while sitting on its haunches outside and on my purse, keeping a steady eye on me.






And a few more photos….of its arrival and just hanging out…..



IMG_2272 (2)






And then on its merry way again….




Until next time, Chippy!  ❤






The Popularity of Orchids



Clustered together,

Protected with clear plastic,

White orchids as gifts.




Last week when I was at the grocery store, I paid closer attention to the floral display area.

Looking so welcoming, all those potted plants and flowers greeted incoming customers.  A diverse selection of colours and plant types for people to choose to keep…or give as gifts in this Christmas season.

The flowers that primarily caught my attention were these good-sized white orchids.  Each plant looking in excellent health, holding proudly several orchid blooms.  I smiled.  It had me thinking how over time orchids have become more popular.

Many years back when I had a house filled with potted plants of varying kinds, I would hear about orchids and think how particular their requirements are….and that they were barely seen in floral or nursery stores, which further underscored my perception of their elusiveness to have success at growing them at home.

Then in later years, I would see my father avidly taking care of three or four orchid varieties in my parents’ home – all looking healthy and producing beautiful blooms!  It occurred to me, when I asked my father about their care, that perhaps they weren’t QUITE as particular in their environmental requirements as I used to think.

So, when I now see these orchids popping up in all manner of stores, I conclude that somehow they have become more mainstream in their appeal and in their care.

And that’s a good thing.


Little Brother



White sphere, grey blotches;

Suspended in the night sky,

Our closest neighbour.




For so many people the moon holds endless fascination.  Songs have been written and stories and poems in honour of our “little brother,” our closest celestial friend in the vastness of space.

I have enjoyed late evening walks on moonlit nights and have often gazed for lengthy moments at this ever silent friend of ours.

So, when recently it was circulating in social media and the news about the supermoon happening – an occurrence which takes MANY years to happen again and again – of its location in orbit when it comes closest to earth’s proximity, I was curious to see what i could capture on camera.  Others with their hi-tech equipment captured impressive close-up shots of the moon.  I was inspired!

On Nov. 15th, with my humble little CANON Powershot camera (it has a zoom, which my other DSLR CANON doesn’t have), I managed quite a nice photo of our moon.  I am pleased with the result.

I have to confess that however pretty this supermoon was, it still seemed mostly the same size to me.

Perhaps I will put it on my laptop wallpaper for a while…where it will appear to me so much closer.

Hello, little brother!