A Happy and Healthy Christmas to you, my Friends!



Inspired by a friend’s idea, I’m sending you a reflected wave with a festive backdrop and in the spirit of the season.

Merry Christmas!

And a Magical and Exciting 2018!


And nature has been generous with sending lots of the white ‘n fluffy stuff over the past few days.  I took this photo today of the blue spruce in our back yard – it’s roughly 25+ years old – that we planted when we first moved here.


IMG_1028 (2)


Tall and majestic,

Richly adorned in white snow –

Winter Sentinel





A Happy Ending!



Hello, Friends!

You may remember a couple of my posts in August about the monarch caterpillars that my mother was fostering.  I had stayed with my parents for a few days and eagerly took photos and observed right along with my parents on the gradual progress of each caterpillar.

In the meantime I had returned back to my home and so wasn’t present when each caterpillar transformed itself into a pupa, then chrysalis….and finally, coming forth from its temporary home as a newly fledged monarch butterfly.

However, my parents kept sending me updates and a couple of photos.  The above photo is one of theirs, and it shows the first of the three emerging from its chrysalis case, while the second one, on the left, is still inside.

My mother sent me this photo with the message, “It’s a girl!”  🙂

I’m pleased to let you know that each of the three in turn and in their own time successfully made their debut – safely until their wings were in fine form – then were moved into the backyard….and flitted away….as is their way, on their long migratory journey south.

And the other two butterflies ended up being a boy and another girl!  🙂

Note:  Here and also here are the earlier posts about the caterpillars that I mentioned above.





Six Word Story #4



The show is about to begin!




My selfie from last night as I was sitting down at the drumkit and getting ready….just minutes before my band mates and I rocked out on stage at the League of Rock’s finale showcase, where five bands who have been diligently working for the past ten weeks to learn four songs, get expert coaching during that time, and then show what they have achieved in that final performance

Ooooh, what a night!  ❤


A Time For Giving Hugs



I have a feel-good Christmas story for you, my Friends!

I encountered Mary Smith at the Independent grocery store on Tuesday of this week, right after finishing the weekly cooking class upstairs in the store.

I was heading for a cart to do some grocery shopping, and there she stood…..at the entrance way, surrounded by the pretty reds of bountiful potted poinsettias…..her red Salvation Army tunic blending in so well.

Mary stood there, jingling those Christmas bells with great cheer and a smile on her face, and welcomed me with “Would you like a hug?”

Of course, you can well imagine my response to that one! Hahaha!

Who turns down a hug, especially when greeted with such warmth and kindness?

And it was a great hug!

And since I actually happened to have a goodly amount of change on me, I pulled out my wallet to donate into the well-recognizable, dangling Salvation Army depositor.

She immediately got all serious on me and said that wasn’t WHY she had offered the hug. Simply put, she just enjoys welcoming people and sharing good will and good cheer. I could sense that. And I reassured her that I didn’t feel any obligation. But that I wanted to give. Plus, she could always give me another hug?

Which she did!

Well, as you might have guessed, Mary and I hit it off. Of course, I didn’t know her name from the start…..that all came out in the course of our conversation, as I spent a good deal of time with her…..yep….chatting. And also stopping from time to time, as she greeted other customers with hugs and smiles.

At first we started out with small talk…..and then she talked more and more. I guess she felt I was a kindred spirit.  A little bit of her life poured out.

I enjoyed listening to her lilting Scottish inflections as she talked. She talked about living hereabouts and also before she immigrated from the homeland. A good sense of humour. And a feisty side to her, I could also detect. Sometimes she revealed some sadder experiences in her life. And every here and there, I’d give her another hug.

Yep, it was a modest little love fest.

And I think it touched us both and we parted the better for it.







Sharing the Joy!

The fun part of blogging is, of course, in writing and creating stories and poems from within, along with photographs sometimes, and publishing them as a way of sharing those thoughts with others.

Another fun part is in discovering other bloggers and, even more, finding like-minded friends in one’s blogging circle.  Reading their creations, their thoughts, their dreams, their struggles.

I was just in the process of reading through some of my blogging friends’ posts, that I discovered one from Dora in which she writes that she is sharing the WordPress congratulated accomplishment of having achieved 1,000 followers.  As she writes in her blog (and I needed help translating from her native language, Italian), she isn’t one to boast about numbers, even though it IS exciting to see numbers increase.  She decided to share her accomplishment, as it goes together well with the arrival of her new book, for which she is tremendously excited (understandably!).  She gives thanks to all of her followers and those who encouraged her to pursue her dream.

So, why am I sharing her joyful news on my blog?  Two reasons.

  1. As friends will do, we share the joy of others for their achievements.
  2. The added cherry on top, I have to confess, was the link that Dora included in her post.  A youtube link to a band playing a song that has been a cherished one of mine for MANY years, because I totally loved the TV series that spawned that song…..M*A*S*H.  And I learned that Dora and I also share the same appreciation for that series.

And it’s that song – with a pronounced rock flavour to it – that I wish to share with my readers and friends.  I think the Manic Street Preachers do a superb cover of it.

Have a look!

And thank you, Dora, for your post and for your friendship.  I also congratulate you on your new book!!  Be happy….and keep on writing!  🙂

Kitty Snoozes



Totally relaxed;

Eyes closed.  Quietly breathing.

Funny-looking pose!



Our Hemingway was snoozing on some bed covers the other day, and I couldn’t resist watching….and taking some photos.  So cute!




Flipped onto her side,

Her paw draped close to her face,

Perhaps she’s dreaming?



I put the second photo up as my laptop wallpaper.

A sweet view every time I open it up!



Grey with that Colour Splash!



I love my grey hair,

But with some pink and purple,

There is added fun!



A little over four years ago – with some inspiration from a friend and her referral to her hairdresser – I embarked on a new trend for myself.  My hair by then had been turning grey, and I had kept it like that for a while.  I didn’t really want to cover it up.

However, at one point I needed a change for myself, along with other changes I was making, and so I took that step for the first added strands of colour.  My new hairdresser understood what I was hoping for, and so we took it slowly, in case I might change my mind.  She only added a few strands of purple; she interwove it so nicely in among the grey hairs.

Well, I loved the effect!  And I got compliments continuously from people I knew and also from strangers.  Haha!

The hair has evolved over time – the cut used to be a bob and lately we’ve been going with the pixie cut style.  After the initial trials with bits of purple, we went with MORE purple….and then added in fuchsia and even some blue. Blue doesn’t last as long, although it is also quite pretty.  The grey hair takes the colour really well.

I only need to go every three months for refreshing the colour and cutting the hair, which isn’t as often as if I were to totally dye my hair to cover the grey.  And there are no harsh chemicals in this process.  Plus, this way I still get to enjoy the grey – and some white that peeks through!

Two weeks ago was my most recent visit to my hairdresser, and we went for the most colour ever!  I took some photos, and you can see all the wonderful fuchsia and purple, along with the grey everywhere else.

I STILL get such warm-hearted and sincere compliments!  It’s wonderful.  From women AND men!  Strangers will yell across a parking lot to tell me how much they love my hair.  Others will say so as they pass me by.  My co-workers cheer me on.  And my other friends and family also add their kind words every so often.

And really, I just enjoy having fun with it!  It adds some zest!   And it feels great!

Oh yeah, and I have inspired a few other ladies to try something similar – why not?

Kinda cool to be called the Purple-haired Lady!




Olympic Gold for Fiji!

Fiji men's Rugby Sevens Team

(this photo was taken when the Fiji Men’s Rugby Sevens Team won the HSBC Sevens World Series; accompanying article is here)



Right now I was watching the Olympic Rugby Sevens game for the gold between Great Britain and Fiji. And in the first half the Fijians were a force to be reckoned with – WOW! The score was 29-0 for Fiji just in that first half! These Rugby Sevens games move along quite fast. Britain managed to get a try in and field goal, and the Fijians kept right on with their momentum and won the event with a 43-7 score over Britain. The game was exciting to watch! With some surprise twists, too.

But then I find Rugby far more fun to watch than football. I’ve watched football but can’t get into it much. The first time I saw a regular Rugby game – which included the New Zealand All Blacks team – I was hooked! No offense, ye football fans, but rugby players look far more strong and fast to me. They aren’t wearing padding everywhere…there’s none of the seemingly endless tackling and blocking…..the game just keeps moving along. And a Rugby Sevens game seems to move even faster! It sure was fun to watch Fiji supporters in the audience, going all crazy for their team. Haha! Good for them!  After the medal award ceremony, I heard the news announcer say that the Rugby Sevens competition made its debut in these Rio 2016 Games.  

One surprise team, Japan, made it as far as the bronze medal game versus South Africa…..yes, even usurping the New Zealand team! But I can see from the final score of 54-14 that South Africa won the bronze. I didn’t watch that game. That’s quite an accomplishment for the Japan team.

When I posted about the Fiji Men’s Team on Facebook, it was a pleasant surprise to see that someone shared it.  When I clicked on who, it’s a person from Fiji!!  On their wall was posted this photo, which looks to be even more recent – all the happy Gold Medalists!

Congratulations, Fiji!!  🙂


Fiji Men's Rugby Sevens Team Wins Gold in Rio, rom Naikela

Riding with the Wind!

My girlfriend, Manuela, and I were invited to a friend’s house on Monday for some singing fun with a few other girlfriends.  Manuela and I had met up at her place, and she offered to drive us there.  She has two vehicles – one is an SUV type and the other is a convertible that only gets driven during the nicer, non-wintry days.  At first she had us all settled and taking off in the SUV, until I tentatively asked if we could go instead with the convertible?  And a sporty one at that!

It would be a totally new experience for me!

She could tell from my face how exciting that ride would be, so we returned to her place and then jumped into her cute, red car…..and sped off again.

I took a series of photos of our car ride and was lovin’ every minute of it!  Haha!

Even on the drive back, when the sky was dark and the air had cooled down considerably, she put on her jacket (as she knew from experience how cold it can get driving with the roof and side windows down).  I had an idea that it would be cooler, too, but this was my opportunity to soak it all in, and I can put up with a good deal of cooler temperatures, so I stuck it out!

And I savoured the feeling of the wind’s playfulness…..at times blowing my hair around and also caressing the skin on my face with its gentleness.

Here we are getting into Manuela’s car……with roof not yet down…

IMG_4395 (2)

Then a selfie of wondering what’s coming up!


A cool photo of Manuela driving as the trees in the background whiz by….


Looking out the back…..


Then  a photo taken from over the windshield – all open!


Here’s the windy shot!!  Big smiles and billowing hair!


What a blast!  My inner child was in her glory!

I held my hands up, like some people do when they ride the roller coaster, and felt the wind breezing by!  And I stuck my head over to the right side so as to feel the speeding wind on my face.

At our friend’s place we were offered some refreshing fruit-infused water to drink during our singing session, but before that some ladies sipped on wine, some sipped on beer, and I tried something new again – a Rickard’s Radler – a beer with citrus flavour blended in!  In this case – grapefruit – Le Yum!

T’was a most enjoyable experience!!