A Happy and Healthy Christmas to you, my Friends!



Inspired by a friend’s idea, I’m sending you a reflected wave with a festive backdrop and in the spirit of the season.

Merry Christmas!

And a Magical and Exciting 2018!


And nature has been generous with sending lots of the white ‘n fluffy stuff over the past few days.  I took this photo today of the blue spruce in our back yard – it’s roughly 25+ years old – that we planted when we first moved here.


IMG_1028 (2)


Tall and majestic,

Richly adorned in white snow –

Winter Sentinel




The Popularity of Orchids



Clustered together,

Protected with clear plastic,

White orchids as gifts.




Last week when I was at the grocery store, I paid closer attention to the floral display area.

Looking so welcoming, all those potted plants and flowers greeted incoming customers.  A diverse selection of colours and plant types for people to choose to keep…or give as gifts in this Christmas season.

The flowers that primarily caught my attention were these good-sized white orchids.  Each plant looking in excellent health, holding proudly several orchid blooms.  I smiled.  It had me thinking how over time orchids have become more popular.

Many years back when I had a house filled with potted plants of varying kinds, I would hear about orchids and think how particular their requirements are….and that they were barely seen in floral or nursery stores, which further underscored my perception of their elusiveness to have success at growing them at home.

Then in later years, I would see my father avidly taking care of three or four orchid varieties in my parents’ home – all looking healthy and producing beautiful blooms!  It occurred to me, when I asked my father about their care, that perhaps they weren’t QUITE as particular in their environmental requirements as I used to think.

So, when I now see these orchids popping up in all manner of stores, I conclude that somehow they have become more mainstream in their appeal and in their care.

And that’s a good thing.


Baked Goodies and Chocolates



Round ones and square ones,

Chocolate or nuts inside;

Home-baked Christmas treats!




A wonderful Christmas time with our kids at home again this year!

Decorating the tree…presents are wrapped…sharing meals together…lots of fun conversations…opening gifts…smiles and plenty of laughter…playing games…hugs and love.

As part of my gift packages to everyone, I added in some baked goodies – some cookies and squares – and some colourful and delicious store-bought chocolate truffles and chocolate Christmas bears.  Yummy!




Basket of Asian Fruits and Treats


Such exotic names,

Tasty and juicy delights;

Trying something new!



For Christmas this year, my daughter brought with her a basket filled with goodies she’d bought at an Asian food market.  Since we  enjoy exploring new foods and cuisines, there was a good chance we’d love this treat basket!

Looking at the above photo, things look a bit sparse, but that’s because we had already sampled some of the fruits that had lain on the top layer (same ones as can be seen in the bottom layer).  Everyone gave it a fair taste sampling, and it seems that it’ll be an acquired taste for some of them.  🙂

Left to right (top row) – Pocky, Coconut, Prickly Pear, Dragon fruit

Left to right (bottom row) – Prickly pear, some cupcakes, Passion fruit

….and little orange, blueberry, and cranberry nougat candies interspersed throughout.


Prickly pear (above) sliced open – has a refreshing, somewhat pear-like flavour….and many seeds the size of apple seeds which are edible.


Passion fruit (above) sliced open – Also first time for me to try…..only eat the seeds, and they are bursting with flavour! So juicy!


Dragon fruit sliced open…..seeds and fleshy texture somewhat similar to kiwi fruit – refreshing and tasty!  This fruit’s outer skin is so handy – just scoop out all that lovely dragon fruit!


Here is the coconut without its usual harder outer skin….

…..and a favourite Asian treat are the Pocky, which come in different flavours.  In this package the sticks are biscuity in flavour….with the chocolate dip and crunchy matcha tea bits in it.
Such a neat idea!

A Festive Thought


Here’s a tiny glimpse of the upper part of our Christmas tree.  After many years of using a fake tree, this year we decided to have a real one again….a tiny fir.  And the boys put on the lights and ornamental balls.  As you can see, things look a bit clustered up with balls, as opposed to more spaced out, because, well…… our cat, Hemingway, ALSO got into “decorating.”  More like undecorating!  Hahaha!  Any balls she could snag in the lower branches, she would deftly remove and then bat around with on the floor.  So, then that’s how those balls were “saved” and then replaced higher up on the tree.  No matter, it still looked sparkly and pretty!

And I’m sharing a festive thought with you, my wordpress friends, in the spirit of however you celebrate this time of year.

My Christmas haiku to you:

Merry Christmas to

You….I wish you Happiness

Enveloped in Love.