Six Word Story #13



Silently watchful, her gaze is mesmerizing.




I’d let Hemingway out to prowl in the yard outside one afternoon, but since it was quite cold that day, she returned to the door much sooner than usual.

I happened to go past the door and saw her watching me……

Instead of her usual “let me back in” look, this one seemed almost spooky……those eyes.







Six Word Story #12


Hemingway, taken by Conrad April 2nd, 2017 on his phone


Relaxed….yet watching with utmost concentration.




This photo of our cat, Hemingway, was taken by my son, Conrad, a couple of days ago, when he was also immersed with computer tasks….(you can see a bit of the computer cord).

He happened to show it to me just this evening, and my other son, Jason, and I immediately “ooh-ed” and “ahh-ed” over it.

What can I say?  All six of us in our family are majorly fond of our cute ‘n furry friend!

And seeing this photo – and it’s been a while since I posted something with Hemingway in it – I decided it would make for a fun, new Six Word Story.  🙂

Her face with the attentive gaze is clear in detail, while the rest of her body and long-haired fur have a nice out-of-focus look.

Yoga Cat



She hears my breathing,

Curious and quiet;  she

joins me – yoga time!




This evening I decided to get back into a regular yoga routine.

One of my sons, Conrad, and I have done a few sessions at home together in the past.
It’s worth it, because I always feel so good afterwards.

Today I had a different companion.
She’s so clever. She KNOWS to lay down on a special mat…..she knows about good, slow, EASY stretching……she knows about breathing and being focused in the present moment….. 😀 She’s a natural!

She also took up some of the space on my purple yoga mat and later on kept attacking my feet during downward dog……

Yes, it’s ….

Hemingway, our yoga cat. 😀

I think she’s doing downward……cat?



An After-bath Nap



Curled up on my bed;

No movement, but eyes watching.

What is she thinking?




I had gone into my bedroom earlier today to go get something, and I saw Hemingway all comfy on the bed in the midst of cleaning herself ie. having her cat bath.

I love watching cats and their “baths”  They take such care in cleaning and licking until their fur is once again silky soft and smelling good.  Fun to run my hands along her fur and to snuggle my nose into that softness.

This time I didn’t go that close; I let her have her space.  And just watched.

When she was done and all curled up, almost hidden, she just looked at me for a little while before closing her eyes for her cat nap snooze.




Ignoring the Snow



Cat looks to the left,

Pumpkin stem bends to the right;

As in…..snow?  What snow?




Last Thursday – October 27th – a large area of the Ottawa Valley received a surprisingly BIG amount of snowfall.  Usually, the snow won’t show up in such amounts until well after all the fall colours have gone, the leaves have fallen, and things are looking grey and brown and muddy.  If there IS an earlier snowfall, it’s usually quite light, and there is little snow accumulation, because the flakes melt mostly once they reach the ground.

For some reason, this time there was a day-and-a-half’s worth of constant snowing with fall colours still vying for their rightful showtime.

I went outside and took photos of this more unusual “collision” of the two seasons, including this one of our front steps with our as-yet-uncarved pumpkin on the one side and our cat, Hemingway, sitting momentarily….possibly contemplating whether going outside was a good idea in view of all that cold, wet snow everywhere.

I just loved this image with it appearing as if our cat was looking away from the snowy scene and the pumpkin was also seemingly eyeing askance at all that intrusive, cold white stuff, but in the opposite direction.


Kitty Snoozes



Totally relaxed;

Eyes closed.  Quietly breathing.

Funny-looking pose!



Our Hemingway was snoozing on some bed covers the other day, and I couldn’t resist watching….and taking some photos.  So cute!




Flipped onto her side,

Her paw draped close to her face,

Perhaps she’s dreaming?



I put the second photo up as my laptop wallpaper.

A sweet view every time I open it up!



Another Admirer of Flowers



Flowers in a vase,

Quietly my cat arrives;

Just light little sniffs.




After several hours of gardening work – mostly hoeing and weeding – one day last week, I put together a tiny little bouquet of flowers to put in a vase as a little cheery reward.

When I took the vase of flowers outside to take some photos, out of nowhere, our cat, Hemingway, showed up and in her gentle way decided to check out what all was in that vase.

It was fun to watch her.

And I wondered……is she just being curious and sniffing to see what is…..or is she appreciating them as a pleasant thing?



Ahhh…enjoying the outdoors!



A favourite place,

Roaming outside in the yard;

A cat’s life is good!




Once the weather became milder and snow-free, Hemingway was keen to get roaming in our yards. I’d hazard a guess that it partly reminds her of her early kittenhood days, when she’d roam around with her siblings before we adopted her.

So, these days she wants out…..comes in for brief respites and some munchies….and then out she goes again.

I always enjoy watching her…even when she’s just there resting and taking it all in.  Her ears are always on alert.  In the first photo, her ears are turned back; she’s heard something of interest.




And in her reclining position (in these two photos), she enjoys watching birds flying overhead or just critters moving about.

I just love looking at her pretty, shaggy, and soft coat.  And how she is always at peace and so calm.  Always totally comfortable.




“Hemingway, is it time to come in for some snuggles and food?”

Green-eyed Lady…

IMG_7059 (2)

Mesmerizing eyes,

The bright light brings out the green.




As I allow myself a bit of a leg-up rest on my bed, following several energetic busy days of work and activities, it isn’t long before Hemingway joins me for some cuddle time and snugglies.  🙂

I noticed her eyes being a particularly nice green in the daylight streaming through the window and felt a photo was in order.  And the lyrics from an old Sugarloaf song flowed into my mind…..”Green-eyed Lady, Lovely Lady.  Strolling slowly towards the sun.”  And also….”Green-eyed Lady, Ocean Lady.  Child of nature, friend of man.”





A Natural Model


Perched in her high place,

Fancying the window light.

She is motionless.


One day in June of last summer, Hemingway decided to keep me company in the bathroom.  As I sorted and tidied, she got into her favourite look-out spot where she can peer into the backyard.  Clearly, there was much to keep her attention at the window, as she didn’t seem too perturbed when I snuck out and returned with my camera to snap a few pictures.  She’d turn her head towards me and then back to the window….with a small variety of poses.  I think in this instance a bird may have caught her eye, causing her to look up towards the trees.

I am filled with great admiration for her.  As a model, she exudes her cat-like  grace and naturalness.

I love her colours and her bushy tail.