Those early morning drives…

Yes, there are perks in having to wake up really early on a Saturday morning!

While the rest of the world slumbers for a few more hours, I find myself driving along quiet country back roads to go to my summer part-time work up at White Lake.

I always love this stretch of road…so dense with towering trees…and I am the momentary intruder.  In a few spots the tree tops seem to actually reach across and create an arch effect.  So pretty!




The potential bonus is that at that early hour – with almost no other vehicles around – there is a good probability of glimpsing wildlife.  Whether it’s a red fox that quickly dives into the underbrush.  Or a scurrying chipmunk.  Sometimes a swooping crow.  Each drive is never the same, as it’s a whole new ensemble of wildlife appearances – and THAT’s the fun part!  I often wonder…so who will surprise me this time?

Last Saturday I did actually get to see a red fox, but oh boy, it slipped away SO fast.  However, luck was still on my side, when I came onto a stretch of road and saw three young deer crossing from my right side over to the left side.

Two of them stayed on the road – one already disappearing among the trees ahead of this one…




And there was a third deer – much closer to the main part of the road – that was quite  intent on chowing down on some greenery and had no intention of taking off, even when I stopped and sat there watching for a few minutes.

It climbed up the wee hill and stretched its neck to get some choice leafy morsels.

I just waited until it looked in my direction.


IMG_5659 (2)


Whispering good-bye and thank-you to the curious deer, I took some photos from the other angle as well…this last one (below) feels to me almost like a painting.


IMG_5683 (2)


I bet you can imagine how incredibly joyful I felt for the rest of that day!  🙂





10 thoughts on “Those early morning drives…

    1. Thank you! I have a book, titled “Animal Speak,” that I refer to whenever I have animal encounters. I plan to review the section on deer, as it focuses on new beginnings, finding confidence and courage in oneself, and a few other such things. I have had a few deer encounters over the past year, so I keep their message in mind. 🙂

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  1. Hi Michaela, how nice to travel this road with you. And those pictures of the deer are amazing! You could get quite close!

    I love what I read below on what you said a deer encounter means. The message of confidence and new beginnings is perfect for me today.

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    1. Thank you for joining me on that brief road trip, Yvon. ❤ Yes, in some areas the deer will show up quite close to the road. It helps when the road is not travelled all that much, too. I am glad that the deer encounter message resonates with you. ❤ I cherish every one of my deer encounters and welcome their messages. 🙂


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