Promise of Things to Come!


IMG_3636 (2)


Hint of pink inside,

Buds holding tight and slowly

Unfolding the show.




Exploring in my garden again today and was caught up in the buds’ progress of this peony plant.

And to think the flowers will eventually be quadruple the size of the buds…..and I wonder how do the buds manage to keep all of that floral splendour inside?


IMG_3639 (2)


IMG_3663 (2)


And all those busy ants!








5 thoughts on “Promise of Things to Come!

    1. I have heard and read both versions, as in they are needed or not. I go with the neutral theory in that there are some peony variations that DON’T have ants on the buds and they still open. So, the neutral idea is that the peony buds give off a nectar substance, and the ants farm that for the time that they can. Once the peony flower is opened and blooming, the ants are busy elsewhere. πŸ™‚

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