Tourist Moments #4



When in Copenhagen….you’ve got to check out the LEGO!

Everyone in our family is an enthusiastic LEGO builder and player!

So, on my brief layover in Copenhagen last May, naturally, I was always on the alert to see where LEGOs would pop up.  Particularly since it’s a long-lasting classic toy originating from Denmark.

On an evening walkabout, when most stores were already closed, I spied this brightly lit up store and spent some time looking at all the LARGE and well-constructed LEGO creatures, such as the dragon above.  It boggles the mind, thinking of the planning and then constructing that went into these amazing structures.




My friend, Josh, stood beside this LEGO guard in order to provide a comparison perspective to show the size of these LEGO people.




On one wall were the various LEGO logos designed over the years.  LEGO logos – say that a whole bunch of times real fast!  Haha!






And imagine my surprise when at the airport the next day, there was even a LEGO store there….in among the usual clothing and electronics stores.


IMG_0335 (2)


Certainly not a small store – given it’s at the airport – and filled with a large and varied selection of different types and sizes of LEGO toy boxes.

Here’s a closer look at the LEGO playing table….laid out so invitingly for sitting down and playing.




Near the entrance stood an almost life-sized LEGO traveller, complete with pith helmet, tropical shirt, and an assortment of cameras.

Imagine how long it took to put that fellow together!



4 thoughts on “Tourist Moments #4

    1. Those places you went to sound intriguing. What did you like in Christiania – must be amazing since you stayed longer there. 😉 Feet melting? Does that mean you did a lot of hiking?
      Well, the one LEGO store was at the Copenhagen airport. The other one was in an older part of town, where there are many shops….in the somewhat vicinity of The Royal Danish Theatre (Det Kongelige Teater). The part where there are stores upon stores and no cars are allowed; only for pedestrians. Does that help? 😉

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thanks, yes it does!
        What I liked the most, people! Christianians are hippies, super friendly… I love to meet different cultures, and this is a micro society I really enjoyed.
        Sorry for making up the word, feel melting would mean I did a lot of windows shopping 😀

        Liked by 1 person

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