A Pancake Variation

IMG_3650 (2)


Who of you, my friends, has ever tried chocolate chip pancakes?

A couple of you, yes?

Well, we tried it for the first time today!  😀

I had already served up my usual oatmeal ones to Jason, and when it was Conrad’s turn, he inquired about the possibility of adding in some chocolate chips.

As a guest at a friend’s house recently,  that’s what had been served. He told me that they had tasted very good!

So…..well, chocolate chips…..and oatmeal pancakes….and maple syrup.

Too irresistible not to try, right?

I had one, too…..and Conrad’s assessment was right on – Delish!

Adding in some photos for your drooling pleasure…..haha!




6 thoughts on “A Pancake Variation

    1. Have you tried my method? Pour the batter into the pan and then sprinkle the chocolate chips on top…..press them in a little bit, if you like. That way you can put however many you’d like. I did it that way, because not everyone in the family wanted to have the chocolate chips in their pancakes…..this time. Another time, who knows? 😀

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      1. Good idea! I have actually used that method with blueberries, too, and it worked well. 😀 I don’t know why I never extended that approach to chocolate chips before. Haha! Oh well….now was the time!

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