Rising Sun Tree



Sunrise and sun rays;

A golden orb suspended

In the tree’s embrace.




Got up early this morning.  Looked out the window.  No more of yesterday’s fog.

Instead, I was greeted by the promise of a cheerful and pretty sunrise!

I opened the window.  There was the sound of birds chirping – yay!

And the rising sun played peek-a-boo with me amongst the tree branches.


4 thoughts on “Rising Sun Tree

      1. Last fall, I made paid a visit to Ottawa – it had been forty years since my first, so it was basically brand new to me. We stayed in Arnprior – gorgeous area – I wouldn’t mind retiring there if it weren’t for the fact that I’m already retired in Cobalt!

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      2. That’s a long spell in between visits to Ottawa. Yes, enough changes to have it feeling like a brand new experience for you. Ah yes….Arnprior! I know it a good deal. Spend a fair bit of time there on a weekly basis. 😀 And I just googled Cobalt to get a better idea of where you are living. It has its own fascinating appeal.from what I read. Happy Retirement to you, Maggie! 😀

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