Waffle Delight!



Belgian waffles,

Topped with fresh fruits and whipped cream;

Plus…maple syrup!




February has been quite a busy month with very little blogging on my part…..sigh.

I plan to remedy that and get back on track for March!  😀

Mind you, now starts the also busy maple season, especially at the restaurant where I work and where we offer delicious maple syrup highlighted breakfasts and lunches all through March and April.

Which inspired me to welcome you back……..with this yummy looking dish!

The only thing better would be if I could serve it to you.  ❤



One thought on “Waffle Delight!

  1. Hi Persia! I picked this spot to send you this message (not under yours from today), regarding……https://blogofamadblackwoman.com/2017/03/07/positive-quote-07-03/ ……I was doing some reading and found out that it was Ralph Waldo Emerson who is credited for that quote. I posted it as well on my Facebook page, because it is a great quote and an inspiring thought. Just thought you’d like to know….for future reference. I always enjoy reading your daily quotes. ❤


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