Would you make up your mind already?

February 2nd was noteworthy.

Not only because of the fickleness of our wintry weather – I have witnessed it a few times in the past month, actually – no….but also because I decided to take some photos to record the strangeness of it.

All within a matter of  only minutes, the scenery would change….and then change again!

In the late morning of Feb. 2nd, I went out to do some errands.  Bright sunshine beating down.  Blue sky.  The sparkle of white snow in the fields and along the roadside.

As I was driving back towards home, I noticed that the sky was turning back to grey with clouds blocking out the sun.




Only another kilometre and a half further……

….no more sunshine and back to that blanket of grey clouds.

And the wind joined in by blowing and swirling snow across the road….




….as well as down our country road.




After I parked the car and got inside, I hunkered down all nice ‘n cozy and checked for messages.


Now within a mere ten minutes – I kid you not! – I glanced outside.  What ?!?!

I went back out to take photos of these next three views!





…..the only way one can make shadows is with the aid of the sunshine, yes?




It truly felt as if that grey period hadn’t happened!




So, feeling all gleeful again, I went back inside.


Ten minutes later……






Yep….a few more minutes later, and everything was grey everywhere again with lots of snow falling down.  Lots of flakes.  Big flakes.

Except by that point, I stubbornly refused to go back outside and take photos.

So, you’ll just have to imagine it, okay?




12 thoughts on “Would you make up your mind already?

  1. We had something similar a couple of months ago only with us it was rain, sunshine, rain, dark clouds, rain then sunshine. I think Mother Earth ( Gaea ) is having a laugh at us this year. She has a freaky sense of humour.

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    1. Hahaha! Interesting, Edgar! And where was this? Oh wait, I decided to look you up…..so, Scotland? And I feel similarly….I also think Mother Nature is poking fun at us this year….and yes, she has a marvellous, albeit at times, impish sense of humour. 😀


    2. Hang on now….I’m not done yet with the oopses. Reading a little further, I see you are in Australia….which explains more the rain, sunshine, rain, dark clouds, rain….and so on. 😀


  2. The year turned out to be the wettest on record – then Mother Nature decided she had been a bit too free with the water, so she sent the sun to dry us out and in doing so made sure we broke the records for the highest temperature for the area at 46.5c. It’s been an interesting year.

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