Ice is…Nice?



Temperature drops,

Thin layer of frozen rain;

Smooth and rough textures.




With all of our fabulous and pretty looking white snow, there are also days when the temperature dips well below zero Celsius, and precipitation then turns into ice instead of snow.

As with everything there is beauty to behold in the layers of ice on trees as they sparkle in the sunshine and in the icicles that form along doorways and roof eavestroughs.

However, in terms of transportation and mobility, sometimes that beauty is overlooked with the arduous chore of scraping layers of ice from doors and windshield and windows for safety and visibility reasons – and on occasion they can be quite thick!

One morning just over a week ago, my little blue car was sporting a light layer of ice.  Most of the thicker bits had already started to melt down.

Ice designs always fascinate me.



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