Have you heard of a brinicle?

Wow!  It is freaky cool!    😀

I just discovered this video clip the other day.  The actual scientific footage was filmed in 2012.   It’s the first time I’ve heard of a brinicle.  So interesting to see how it is created and formed and what effect it has on its immediate surroundings in the ocean.  All part of scientific studies done in Antarctica.

Our earth is a never-ending source of new discoveries!

Check it out below….



In addition, this BBC article provides some extra details.  Click here for the article.




13 thoughts on “Have you heard of a brinicle?

      1. All righty! I am doing some review of my posts, to make records and hopefully reduce duplication. As I come across those scientific ones, I will jot down the links and get those to you. Where do you live, Dennis, that you are heading for bed? It is 4:37 p.m. here.

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      2. I am German and live in Northern Germay near the Baltic coast 🙂 I am blogging and commenting in English since quite some time as I believe this helped me to improve my English. I sticked with it, now it’s fun 🙂

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      3. Aber dein Name, Dennis, is mehr English als Deutsch? That’s cool that you are German! Where near the Baltic coast? My family is from Germany, part Berlin and mostly Karlsruhe. That was a great challenge you set for yourself – to blog and comment in English; yes, another way to improve your comprehension and writing. Clearly, you are doing well!. I’m glad that you are having fun with it, Dennis! (Just a little note for you…grammatically….it should be “stuck with it.” 🙂 Normally, as you know, many English words end with the “ed” in the past tense, but as is also usual, there are so many exceptions. 🙂 )


      4. Yes, I think Dennis is an English name, the translation of a greek god called Dionysus, according different sources. The name was quite trendy in the 80`s in West Germany. I can’t count anymore how many people I met with the same name (if they are born around the same time) 😀 In sport clubs, in school, in companies and so on, I always had three or four other people with the same name around me, resulting in communication problems. 🙂 I mean, someone said “Dennis?” and I felt concerned until I noticed another Dennis was meant. That was always funny.

        I am surprised you speak German, did your family in Germany help you? I reply in English if you don’t mind because I don’t know yet if you can fluently read German. It’s cool that you have family in another country. I’ve never been to Karlsruhe but I’ve been many times in Berlin. I like Berlin, except for some of the “darker” districts there. A few of my family members live there too, and some friends. I am born and living in Lübeck, a medium sized town with medieval background, it’s near Hamburg. I have tons of photos of that place on my blog in case you are curious.

        By the way, thanks for the correction… many people are shy to do this, maybe because they think it could upset me… but it’s the opposite, it rather helps me to learn about my grammatical mistakes and if I remind them, then I can do it better next time. 🙂 So, thank you!

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      5. Thank you for all the information about your name, Dennis. I did not realize how popular your name was in Germany….and especially around that time. Funny how words and names from other languages move around and get used more. Language is a constantly moving and evolving thing. I can speak German for a combination of reasons. My parents would speak to me part German and part English when I was growing up here in Canada. I also went over to stay with my relatives when I was quite young, and so I learned it some more. When I was going to elementary school in Toronto, there were also Saturday classes in different schools to teach children their mother tongue, who have immigrated to Canada. So, I took German there as well. Also, my parents and I moved to Berlin for a few years, and in living there my German become even stronger. Mit einem Berliner Dialekt sogar, haha! By the way, you CAN write to me in German from time to time. I will be able to understand it quite well. In fact, it’s a treat for me to get to read something in German. It sounds so nice to “hear” it again. 🙂 I have met a few new bloggers who post in German – manchmal mit Rezepte…..mmm! I have heard that Lübeck is a pretty place with its historical buildings, etc. I DO like medieval history! I have been through Hamburg once during a visit. And since you mention it, I will try and find some of your photos of your hometown on your blog. 🙂 You’re welcome. I thought you might not mind the correction, since you mentioned that you are wanting to always improve your English. And that’s the way to get better, right? By the way….another one: “and if I remind them”….I think you meant to say “and if I remember them” 🙂

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      6. Your background is interesting, and now I am not wondering anymore that you speak German! 🙂

        Es ist gerade wieder etwas spät und meine Antwort ist etwas kurz gehalten, da ich gleich schlafen gehe. Ich fand es aber sehr interessant zu lesen warum du Deutsch kannst 🙂

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