Six Word Story #8



Split between friends and sufficiently filling!   😀




One of my girlfriends and I met for lunch this week, and we went to one of our favourite restaurants in town here – Mill Street Crèpe Company.  I think I’ve mentioned it before in a previous post.

We hadn’t seen each other in quite some time, and so we had a lot of catching up to do in conversation.

It was great fun!

And the food was delicious!  As always!

For the main meal we each ordered the special of the day, soup and a slice of quiche.  We hadn’t yet tried their quiche – as we tend to usually order one of their savoury crèpes – so that’s why we picked the special.

It looked like this…




By the time we got to dessert, we decided to split the white chocolate crèpe between us – the photo at the top – and the chef was most accommodating and divided the crèpe for us and added all the decorative touches to maintain the tantalizing presentation.

And as I said, even one half was still wonderfully filling!



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