A Taste of….Wrongful Conviction!

As I have mentioned on a few previous posts, in addition to writing and blogging and other jobs, I also am busily involved with music, having experienced being in bands and performing live as well. (And I started eight years ago, when I took up drumming lessons)

Here in the Ottawa area is an organized opportunity – called the League of Rock – for aspiring musicians to take part for 10-week sessions in being put together in bands, learning 3-5 songs, having weekly rehearsals, getting coached from mostly local professional musicians, getting to perform live, as well as going into a recording studio to experience the process of recording one song.

I have taken part in four sessions – started in the fall session 2015 and finished with this last fall session – and it’s been an amazing experience! Β I have met so many keen and talented musicians and had a LOT of fun. Β There are a lot of friendships made, and also a sense of family created amongst the participants.

Truly memorable moments.

Here is the video that my band finally received from the photographer about our part of the finale live performance, where all five of the bands in this fall session showed the appreciative audience what they’d been working on.


Videographer – Christopher Paine

19 thoughts on “A Taste of….Wrongful Conviction!

    1. OHhhh, that’s cool, Persia! One of a number….what were the others? I used to play more guitar – mostly classical. And dabbled in some pennywhistling and learning piano. πŸ˜€ Too bad you weren’t able to side-continue your music while getting your degree? Very intense commitment, I guess. Hard to do both. You could probably go back to it at some point? I am meeting people like that, aside from professional musicians, who used to play and then put it aside only to pick it up again once they got older. Keep that thought on your back burner, maybe? What’s your degree, Persia? And thank you…..I won’t. I will keep on keeping on. xo


      1. I played the drums, trumpet, but swapped it for the trombone, piano, guitar, flute (my favourite), tried the violin, but gave it up as it really wasn’t for me. Unfortunately, I never got round to playing the cello which I really wanted to do. I couldn’t afford one. I also used to write my own music. A career advisor told me there’s no money in music, and I wouldn’t get work as a musician. Stupidly, I listened and studied a Psychology and Sociology degree.
        I may take up one of the instruments again, but Max takes up a lot of my time at the moment! xo

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      2. What diversity and range in your musical skills and knowledge, Persia! WOW! Reading your list, I remember that I also played trumpet for a semester in my high school music class. I really wanted to give saxophone a try, like the guy who sat beside me. Hahaha! Although I DID enjoy trumpet for that short spell. Just hard to practice it in the apartment where my parents and I lived. πŸ˜€ So….tended to only practice at school. Flute is such a beautiful instrument….and the sounds it makes. Flute music has the magic for transporting one away…..
        Ahhhh…..cello. I love listening to cello and watching those playing them in orchestras. Violins as well. Stringed instruments weave their own kind of magic, too. AND you wrote your own music! Oh my gosh! How unfortunate that you listened to that career advisor. With your passion for music, you would have achieved a high enough level, I think, where you WOULD have made money. Talent and dedication like yours would have contributed to your success. ❀ Ah well….psychology and sociology would have revealed a lot to you about the human psyche; also quite fascinating. That’s good to hear, and yes, understandably, most likely once Max gets older. He fills your days up QUITE well at the present time. ❀

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      3. Hey…..anything is always possible. You could have! And….yay! Another Hans Zimmer fan!!! My kids and I are HUGE Hans Zimmer fans – we love his music, too. Enjoy your week, too!! πŸ˜€ And thanks!

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      4. I meant to say that since saxophone was already picked – two available and two students got to them ahead of me. Trumpet was one of those left to choose. That and French horn. And since French horn seemed to foreign to me, I picked trumpet. Hahaha!

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