A Paradox?



Looking from high up,

Distance creates smallness and

Likewise majesty.




This is a high view of some of the Nelson Lakes National Park area on the South Island of New Zealand.  My friends and I went hiking there on a day trip during my visit in 2007.

I haven’t quite figured it out yet, but something about New Zealand always calls to me. ❤



10 thoughts on “A Paradox?

      1. You know, Dennis, the same thing happened to me a year ago (2015). I decided to incorporate an almost daily walk along one of the country roads near where I live. At first I had the idea that I might find things always being the same when I looked around. Well, because corn and potatoes don’t grow noticeably every day, right? Haha! But then there was far more to see than just corn fields and potato fields. There were insects and birds passing by and sunsets and stormy clouds and unique trees, and so on. I realized with great humility that even along that stretch of road, there is so much “world” to see every day. It was a good lesson for me. And this year I intend to go back to that daily walk again. I miss it! I skipped this past year (2016).

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      2. Yep, I think as kids we had this ability to explore everything around us, even the smallest details like bees, ants, dust in the air, rain drops and so on… I think we lost this ability over time. I think hobbies like hiking, photography and others can help to see the world again as we did when we were younger. I think in the city I am numb because stress, technology and so on, but as soon as I get out of the city, I can leave all that behind me for a moment and focus on the natural things around me. An example would be that I always thought we just have gulls, common blackbirds and crows in our area, but that is not true, because with opened eyes I discovered we have so much more birds than that, it’s just that I didn’t pay attention to it before 🙂

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      3. Exactly so. Yes, as children we look at the world every day with wonder and notice the little details. I don’t know WHY we have to lose that perspective as we get older. And yes, pursuing interests like hiking and photography allow us to once again walk around with “seeing” eyes. Plus, sometimes having children works that way as well. I have four of them and was able to stay at home, so I was able to re-live my childhood wonder all over again! 🙂 Yes, isn’t it amazing how we take the subtleties for granted? There are truly so many varieties in birds and flowers and insects and trees, etc.

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