Little Brother



White sphere, grey blotches;

Suspended in the night sky,

Our closest neighbour.




For so many people the moon holds endless fascination.  Songs have been written and stories and poems in honour of our “little brother,” our closest celestial friend in the vastness of space.

I have enjoyed late evening walks on moonlit nights and have often gazed for lengthy moments at this ever silent friend of ours.

So, when recently it was circulating in social media and the news about the supermoon happening – an occurrence which takes MANY years to happen again and again – of its location in orbit when it comes closest to earth’s proximity, I was curious to see what i could capture on camera.  Others with their hi-tech equipment captured impressive close-up shots of the moon.  I was inspired!

On Nov. 15th, with my humble little CANON Powershot camera (it has a zoom, which my other DSLR CANON doesn’t have), I managed quite a nice photo of our moon.  I am pleased with the result.

I have to confess that however pretty this supermoon was, it still seemed mostly the same size to me.

Perhaps I will put it on my laptop wallpaper for a while…where it will appear to me so much closer.

Hello, little brother!



I would love to hear your thoughts about this

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