My Shimmery Rose



Sparkling bright silver,

Folds, whorls….it looks familiar.

The shape of a rose




A couple of weeks ago, a dear friend gave me a lovely little present…..self-made. I thought it was so sweet, and this gesture touched my heart. At that time I promptly put it in a safe place, to keep it protected, but then when I was heading for home, I completely forgot to take it with me!
Thinking that most likely it would get tossed out by someone else – coming across it by chance – who wouldn’t know what it was, initially, I fretted some.
When I returned there today, I immediately went to the hiding place to see if the gift was still there.

My friend had noticed that I had forgotten it and made sure that it stayed safe until I came by again. 

It’s a folded and rolled up Foil Rose.

Yep….I was given a flower.





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