Since I took the plunge into playing music again when I took up the drums eight years ago, I have enjoyed this change in my life’s path immensely!  So much to learn.  Amazing people that I have met, still meet, and some have become friends.  And lots of music making!  One example being open jams.

I got my feet wet going to blues jams, and those became a regular monthly treat – hang out with friends, see some wicked blues playing, laugh, and get up for my turn to jam with all kinds of highly skilled and talented musicians.  I always felt humbled in such superb company, and they were always supportive and encouraging to me.

On a few of those occasions, this song – “Ophelia” – would crop up, and it immediately became one of my favourites.  It has such a wonderful feel and groove to it.  Whenever I’d hear the song, I would always wonder who the original artists were…and I’d keep forgetting to ask.

Imagine my surprise when my wish was finally answered from an unexpected source!  I went with a girlfriend to a local small theatre a few months ago, where there was a special viewing of the film, “The Last Waltz,” a 1978 documentary-style film, featuring mainly The Band as well as other music greats.  Prior to that another friend had recommended that I see that movie whenever I get that chance.  So I did.  And my friend, Micheline, and I loved every minute of it.  On the theatre screen and with surround sound, watching that film felt like ACTUALLY being there for The Band’s concert – what an exhilarating feeling!  And what a show!

And yes, “Ophelia” is one of several songs performed in the film by the original artists ie. The Band!  Such a thrill!

Here it is…




The Band – “The Shape I’m In”




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