For A Daily Inspiration



Positive thinking;

Reinforced if seen daily

To view life’s beauty.




I noticed this plaque of positive thoughts mounted on a school wall with perfect lighting, at the best height for all to view it with no other distractions nearby, thereby being highly visible to students and teachers – and visitors, like me – walking past this spot, for however many times, during the busy school days.

As soon as I noticed it, I took a picture, because I wanted to add this to those other inspiring quotes and ideas I have collected over the years.  And I’m sure this plaque has an equally powerful effect on many other viewers.

We humans tend to get busy with our individual lives and get so wrapped up in things, which can sometimes cloud our thinking.  It may not take much to slide toward seeing our glasses half empty instead of half full.  Reminders such as this plaque help us keep focus also on the big picture of enjoying our lives in all of its simpler activities as well as the bigger ones.  That life truly is beautiful…..and meant to be fun and joyful.



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