Four Little Beer



Four three ounce glasses,

Each a diff’rent type of beer.

What a sampling treat!




On Saturday my husband and I went to an early evening show at our usual cinema.  And afterwards we dropped in at a nearby restaurant and pub, called The 3 Brewers, also known as Les 3 Brasseurs – it’s that bilingual touch in Canada!  🙂

My sons and I tend to enjoy craft beer; my husband is more of a mixed drinks guy.  So he picked his usual, and I went exploring….

Our server informed me of the various options, picking from one of many different brands listed on their menu…..OR, going for a sampler set, one of which was having either a regular collection of a four-beer sampling or the premium one – the difference being in the various types offered.  I listened to both options and then decided with the premium.

From the picture above – left to right – it was the 3 Brewers own blonde, then their I.P.A., then a specialty one being promoted as a Sessional (unique to only this restaurant branch), and an  A.P.A. equivalent, their Harvest Ale.




I couldn’t resist!  The total amount of beer still amounts to a 12-ounce glass, but this way I could have some fun sampling a range of different ones.

Plus, what was new to me when I was talking with our server, it surprised me to hear acronyms associated with beer.  So, I asked her what I.P.A. and A.P.A stood for – respectively, India Pale Ale and American Pale Ale.  I was familiar with India Pale Ale, as I have tried some in the past.  I learned a few new things that evening pertaining to beer.  Cool!

And yes, I had fun tasting each one and comparing the differences as I savoured them.  The lighter flavours, the heavier ones.  The more hoppy one. 🙂  And the one with a citrus-y taste in it.



Note:  Just now I called the restaurant in order to get my information correct before publishing it in finished form here, and I ended up having a most delightful conversation with the brew master there.  I can tell he enjoys his work – haha!  He clarified for me the distinct aspects of the Sessional (as I was stumped on the spelling, I thought that was the ACTUAL name of it).  And I described to him some of the differences I detected in the two pale ales, and he expounded from his knowledge.  I also learned of the features of their blonde beer.  Such fun!  He was appreciative of my questions, and I told him that his enthusiasm for his work was equally enjoyable.  🙂





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