A Goal for us All – let’s sing!

As I’m listening to this week’s playlist on Spotify, I come across a song I haven’t heard before.
The words and melody capture my attention – I had the music playing in the background, as I’m doing other tasks.
I stop what I’m doing and listen more intently.
It’s a hopeful song with a great message.
And I’m enjoying the singer’s voice, even though I still don’t know who it is…. ^_^
So….THEN I start doing the research.
I go searching on youtube. It’s there! With Bobby Darin as an option…..or…..cool! Kevin Spacey?
I flip back to Spotify to see who they have as the singer (it was mostly hidden before). Sure enough! Also Kevin Spacey!
I am a fan of his film work…..and I’ve watched some clips where he does impressions – and he’s AMAZINGLY accurate.
I had heard somewhere that he’s musically inclined as well.
So here’s the proof.
His voice rings out true and warm – perfect for this song.

Have a listen. 😀

Note: Part of a movie from what I can gather…..according to youtube, 2004 movie entitled, “Beyond the Sea” – a biopic about Bobby Darin.


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