LEGO says “I Do”

LEGO isn’t just

For building ships, castles, trucks.

Oohh!  Wedding decor!



Ms. LEGO bride and Mr. LEGO groom exchange rings and say “I do.”




Note:  At a wedding event that I worked this past August – for the daughter of some friends of mine – I was able to take some photos of the decor before the ceremony started, which took place in the garden outside.

In our family we are huge LEGO fans!  Along with books and puzzles and a variety of other educational toys, we played daily with our LEGO blocks and pieces as the children were growing up.  Yes, the adults, too!  So, naturally, anything LEGO I tend to notice right away.  Like this wedding cake decor, for example.  Such a charming, whimsical touch.

Also, there were little LEGO figurines placed all along the fireplace mantle as well…





My curiosity was piqued as to the reason behind these LEGO additions.  The answer was revealed during the speeches portion of the reception, when the bride’s brothers highlighted one of their stories with reference made to their LEGO collection, which apparently was considered quite large until….compared to the groom‘s own “even larger” LEGO collection.  Haha!



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