Do Giants Play Piano?



If a giant wanted to play piano,

He’d want it at a comfortable height.

And a building would make a suitable stand

To hold his piano in place.




Then the giant would stand behind his piano,

And his massive hands would travel back and forth

Purposefully, across the black and white keys.

He would bob his curly-haired head in time

And sing along… deep-sounding.

He wouldn’t need a microphone,

Because his voice would carry well over everything.

His rhythmic toe-tapping might cause

Some things at the street level to get shaken up.





And when he isn’t playing,

His piano would just glow in the night sky.




Tonight when I was coming out of the National Arts Centre after watching a play, I happened to glance up and notice the lit-up “piano” at the top of one of the buildings in the downtown area of Ottawa.

And then my imagination started thinking of that musical giant who would play on it.

Would he play jazz?  Blues?  Ragtime?  Classical?  Or punk!




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