Ignoring the Snow



Cat looks to the left,

Pumpkin stem bends to the right;

As in…..snow?  What snow?




Last Thursday – October 27th – a large area of the Ottawa Valley received a surprisingly BIG amount of snowfall.  Usually, the snow won’t show up in such amounts until well after all the fall colours have gone, the leaves have fallen, and things are looking grey and brown and muddy.  If there IS an earlier snowfall, it’s usually quite light, and there is little snow accumulation, because the flakes melt mostly once they reach the ground.

For some reason, this time there was a day-and-a-half’s worth of constant snowing with fall colours still vying for their rightful showtime.

I went outside and took photos of this more unusual “collision” of the two seasons, including this one of our front steps with our as-yet-uncarved pumpkin on the one side and our cat, Hemingway, sitting momentarily….possibly contemplating whether going outside was a good idea in view of all that cold, wet snow everywhere.

I just loved this image with it appearing as if our cat was looking away from the snowy scene and the pumpkin was also seemingly eyeing askance at all that intrusive, cold white stuff, but in the opposite direction.


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