Let us time travel back for a day…

That’s twice in a fairly short time that I’ve been engaged in a conversation on the subject of Pompeii.  This last time it was a young lady with whom I had attended a songwriting workshop, and afterwards we chatted about a variety of things.  We happened to discover how much we both enjoy history.  AND it was great fun to hear of her trip to Greece a couple of years ago, which included a stop in Pompeii.  She enjoyed the tour of the ruins and listening to the history of what it had been like back then, and, in fact, learning that the way the society was structured back then, it explained a lot as to why people didn’t leave the town even though there had been ample warnings and volcanic rumblings to let people and animals know that something was up.

In the excitement of our conversation, I mentioned to her this really cool video clip I had seen via another friend, and I told her that I’d send it to her, because I had a feeling she would enjoy it.

And since my blogging friend, Shiva, has encouraged me to share some more fascinating links – of unusual things like the dominoes one – I decided to share it with you all.

So…..let’s step back in time and watch how Mt. Vesuvius and one particular spot in Pompeii may have looked like back then….on that fateful day….


I would love to hear your thoughts about this

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