For the Love of Tumbling Dominoes!

You know you can’t resist!

There’s something about tumbling dominoes that captures the imagination, and some people have such a passion for it that they will spend a lot of time on design and construction of an intricate and short-lived domino falling spectacle.

Check this one out!!  It is COOL!!

Watch this link and be amazed!  It features a creation by Hevesh5.

Here’s an image for you to see… entice you.



4 thoughts on “For the Love of Tumbling Dominoes!

    1. Yes, that’s what also amazes me, Shiva. The incredible amount of time going into the preparation and building and then the relatively short time of its unfolding – and what a spectacular show it is! I’m glad that you enjoyed this video so much, Shiva! I have it bookmarked, too! Haha! I bookmarked it from the first time I saw it – I have a little collection of such bookmarks, so that I can watch them and be amazed again and again. 🙂 And you’re most welcome.

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      1. Michaela!
        That’s so fine. In that case you can as well create more posts of the ones you have bookmarked.
        One more thing I wanted to say was, anything created with such a lot of patience, efforts, planning and energy can be collapsed, broken or destroyed in seconds and minutes.
        The Moral of the story is………..Haha!
        Keep Posting and you are most welcome to visit my blog.

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