Crows in Action



Crows know how to scrounge;

They are smart opportunists.

They see and they snatch!




I was driving along that oh-so-familiar country road again today.  At one point I passed by an open field area and saw three crows on the left shoulder of the road, picking at something on the ground.  Out of the corner of my eye, I glimpsed something yellow and  quite the chunk that one of the crows had claimed for itself and was holding tightly in its beak.

I had passed them just a bit, but this scene intrigued me enough so that I turned around and headed back; perhaps I’d get to see more and see what the crow had found that was so special.

When they saw me coming, all three crows easily swooped over to the fence rail and perched there.  As I got ready to snap some pictures, the crows decided it was time to leave.

The sequence of photos here show the crows in flight – which is cool to watch – and how they move their wings as they become airborne.





It was garbage pick-up day along this road, I could tell, from seeing all the overturned garbage bins at the end of people’s driveways.

So that’s probably what attracted the crows to come snooping around.  And it’s the crow on the left that is holding that sizeable chunk of a treasure.

Even zooming in, I can’t quite make out what that bright object is – a bit of something scraggly and stiff.

A piece of dried corn husk?

Any guesses?




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