Herbs ‘n Spice – So nice!



For a supper idea I suddenly had a hankering for roasted vegetables, in particular to use up a good-sized zucchini that a friend had given me out of her garden.  So, I bought a basket of new potatoes and also a bag of carrots.  And I had some frozen sole fillets that I wanted to use as well.

The veggies I tossed with olive oil and a blend of onion, garlic, and sesame seeds….freshly ground pepper to be added later!  For the fish I had in mind to use more herbs, some red pepper, also some onion…..and a sprinkling of cajun spices.

Both the veggies and fillets baked at the same time in their own dish – sharing the snug oven space quite amiably.  Actually, I put the veggies in first and let them roast for a good 45 minutes before adding the fish, hoping thereby that BOTH would then be ready at the same time after 15 more minutes.

And yes, it worked out that way!




My family was happy with their tasty dinner, and I was especially pleased how juicy the fish fillets turned out this time!

I think the stoneware that I used made a difference.



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