Country Road Race!

So….rewind back to Saturday – Sept. 24th – and picture, if you will, a pleasant day, and I’d been busy working at Pickerel Bay, cleaning the one big cottage, plus another side cleaning job. I started later than usual and didn’t realize it would take as long as it did, so when I was done and checked my watch – eek! – I realized I would have to hustle my butt to get back home as quickly as possible……refresh myself in 5 minutes flat (fastest hair wash EVER!! )….change into my black outfit for serving work and JUST make it in time at Temple’s!

Now, imagine my thoughts as I found myself behind a car, going the exact speed limit all along Peneshula Road…….patience, girl……he’ll probably turn left at the Bellamy Road intersection, and then you’re home free. So, I bide my time, trundling behind him……checking my clock…..cringing…..

As we get close to the Peneshula and Bellamy Road intersection, and I’m HOPING the left indicator light comes on……NOPE! The right one comes on! NOOOOO!! Oh well, I say to myself, I will find a way to pass, like I had to before – it CAN be done!

NOW…..though, visualize my surprise-turned-to-glee, when just after both of us turned right onto Bellamy Road, heading for Clayton, and the car in front of me kicks up into high speed! BOOYAH!! Had he read my thoughts? Probably not. He’d just stayed within speed limit, until such time as when he could let ‘er rip. So, he revved it up to 80, and I followed right behind!

Ooooohhh! What a thrilling ride that was! We both knew to slow down in the curves – and most of this being gravel road – and speed up again in the straightaways. It felt like we were both on a race track. I had the wind blowing through my windows…..and away we went. When we came to the 50 zone, we slowed right down again…..and then resumed, when it was safe to do so.

I don’t know what the driver in front of me was thinking, but I was LOVIN’ it!!

Oh yeah….as I had calculated, I DID get home and did all those things AND got to work with a minute to spare! That’s probably the closest I have ever come thus far.

And here a photo of the blue car in front of me…..something about little blue cars and…..speed, eh? Maybe it was a standard, too?




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