Treasured Town

Although I live in the countryside and on a rural route, I am considered to still belong to  the town of Almonte.  My mailing address says so, too.  Haha!

About three weeks ago, my son, Conrad, and I drove into town for an errand and were witness to a literal sign in the sky that clearly showed us what a treasure of a town we have!

See!  There!…..there’s the one end of the rainbow…..definitely pointing to our town!


This is one of the county roads leading into town – that’s about 2 km west of one of the intersections.

In this next one, we have reached the intersection….are driving through it.  The rainbow is still alighting upon the town, the way it looks…..don’t you think?


And you can faintly see the double rainbow putting in an appearance to the left of the main one.  Is that twice the pot of gold, then?  Haha!

Finally, in more of the central part of town, the rainbow arch is quite visible.


Must have been a lucky day  for all the townspeople!





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