The news intrudes…

I heard about it on Tuesday, when Stephen, Conrad, and I were driving into Kanata….and the subject came up.

I am not part of that crowd that sets their pettiness, nastiness, small-mindedness, gossiping into motion. For one thing, I don’t dock in that harbour of negativity. Secondly, though because I think of these two as people, whom I have admired – and continue to admire – for what I know about them. I have always rejoiced in their happiness as a couple and as a family. I just feel sadness at the news. I had fervently hoped that they’d be in the small minority of celebrities who would be able to keep a marriage going in their BUSY world of show business and philanthropic activities…..and six children. I am happy they lasted as long as they did!

Clearly, I do NOT know what goes on in their lives and in their hearts and minds, and they have to deal with whatever they have to deal with – it’s none of my business. I don’t make it my business. I respect them. The gossip fodder magazines and shows don’t make money off of me.

The only reason I am sharing this news post is to show a write-up of an author on how this news affects the children of Brad and Angelina, and in our world of small-mindedness, I gravitate towards those who write and think differently…..with understanding and compassion.

I am also sharing this news post, because right at the bottom is included a clip showing 12 loving moments captured from their lives.

And as you know me, I am always focused on the positive….projecting the happiness.

And that is how I like to remember them.

Here is the  news link


I would love to hear your thoughts about this

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