That Temporary Solution



I wonder if this type of creative solution idea, using “that-always-handy” duct tape, ever made it into a book about 1,001 uses for duct tape?

My daughter, Sonja, showed up at our place about a week ago, and we all admired her inventiveness for this temporary dilemma with the trunk of her car.

Sonja had come up with a handyman’s…, handywoman’s…..solution, when she was rear-ended on Labour Day Monday (Sept. 5th). No one was hurt in this three-car fender bender. The truck at the end of the line – a 1978 Ford F150 – was attempting to stop, but just at that moment his brake lines broke (which were rusted out, as was later determined by the police officer writing up the report). So he had no means to stop successfully. He bumped into the truck in front of him – driven by one of his good friends, (eek!) – who then had just enough momentum to bump into Sonja’s Ford Fusion’s back end (she had stopped behind a car waiting to turn left into a parking lot).

Not enough bumper crunching, so the trunk could still be closed….and yet enough of an awkward bending so that the hooking bit wouldn’t latch the trunk to shut completely snug.

So, she found a temporary way to reinforce that trunk, at least until she could get to her collision repair service guys near her home… the next business day.

Gotta love duct tape!  It’s helped us in a pinch on more than one occasion.



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