Look who stopped by…



Quiet visitor,

Perching at the water bowl;

Hello, Mourning Dove!



I was having a visit with my parents a couple of weeks ago.  Just for a few days.  Since the weather was warm and sunny every day, we ended up having our meals outside on the patio with the backyard garden all around us, enticing us with a myriad of sights, whether flowering blooms here and there or occasional feathered or furry visitors.

At one point I happened to look over my shoulder and noticed this mourning dove having dropped in for a brief stay for some water refreshment!  She also obliged and let me take some photos of her.


This next one is when she first showed up and she’s just checking to make sure she’s got this spot for herself…..no other intruders in sight.  Oh well, she can ignore those funny two-leggeds over there on the patio, who occasionally have a peek…..haha!


Then she gets a bit fluffed up before she gets busy drinking….


With the last two I’m just showing how she can turn her head so far;  it’s almost all the way around.  Like so many birds can.  It gives them more viewing potential…and it’s one of those instinctual safety skills.

How they can do it quite comfortably – it always fascinates me!




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