Only once in a lifetime…but what an experience for Philippe and those who witnessed his amazing adventure!

Last night when I came back home, I joined my son, Stephen, in watching a movie via Netflix. The amazing true story of Philippe Petit as the “Man on Wire.” A well done documentary of his feat of walking on a high wire cabled between the two towers of the World Trade Center….in 1974! Spellbinding, breath-taking, a bit crazy…..haha! Totally compelling and enjoyable to watch and learn how this amazing feat was planned and executed by Philippe and his circle of friends.

I highly recommend this film.



Here is a shorter clip on the subject of Philippe Petit and his high wire adventure with the twin towers. I like how it became his dream and how he pursued it all the way, in spite of whatever bumps and setbacks happened along the way. He pursued it with care, detailed planning, with his incredible high wire skills, and the dedicated assistance of several friends.

To many of us it seems a ridiculous dream, but when I listen to him talk….how he felt about this dream, how he worked at it, how it filled him with joy and happiness… could apply that to any other kind of dream out there. He embraced this life with love and passion…..and I like how he became “friends” with the two towers. I find his dream absolutely fascinating and inspiring.

We all have big dreams inside of us; I wonder sometimes how many of us manage to discover them and then pursue them with such love and passion as Philippe did.

In spite of it seeming impossible and being illegal, in the end it all worked out extremely well.


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