Window reflection – an unusual effect



A study of three…

My mom and her friend, plus me;

Jiggled distortion.



Two days ago my Mom and I met up with her long-time friend for a bit of walking along the harbour front of Lake Ontario, for some exploring and some sight-seeing, for some catching up conversation, and eventually for some coffee and scrumptious food!

At one point we found ourselves on the second floor of a building, that housed offices and stores below, and we could step outside onto a bit of a walkway to enjoy the view of the harbour.  The sun shone warmly upon us.  As the other two talked, I glanced back at the windows of the building and liked the effect created by the reflection of those particular window panes.  I held my camera steady, and yet, the reflection seems to look slightly jiggled.

Later on I also noticed that each one of us is looking in a different direction – one towards the lake, another towards the side (gazing at her talking friend’s face), and I was looking in at the window.   Kinda cool!



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