We have beer!


Not such a big deal, you say?

Well, you are right.  In one way, it isn’t.  Here in Canada we have had beer for a long time.  It was introduced with European settlers and declined during the Prohibition era but has experienced a resurgence once that era ended.  Been going strong ever since.

And yes, we have always been able to buy our beer at the beer stores or liquor stores all across the nation.

HOWEVER…..the big deal comes in more specifically as it relates to the province of Ontario, when compared to, for example, the neighbouring province of Quebec.  In Quebec beer has also been sold for a long time in grocery stores and convenience stores.  That service just wasn’t available to consumers in Ontario.

Up until just recently.

Provincial government regulations have finally changed…..to now allow the selling of beer in grocery stores.


So….just the other day, my two oldest boys and I went to do some grocery shopping and happened to go in a store that we sometimes go to, if we happen to be in the area.  As we walked around with our cart – piling up things we needed from our list, we came upon – to our surprise! – the beer corner in the store.  And yes, we immediately explored.

In the above photo is the display of the craft beer cooler.

Next….the imported beer section….and on the left are a few already assembled boxes in which customers can place their bottles for carrying, just as you would ordinarily get at the beer or liquor store.


Regulations require that a notice be mounted and visible to consumers as to the hours of service and the staff able to assist (those with proper certification).


Yes….we browsed.  And yes, we picked up something.  See the four-pack of strawberry-flavoured beer in our cart?  Just in front of the toilet paper.


I also looked through this cider section and decided to give an alcoholic pear cider can a try.  I have had apple ciders in some pubs and those were always tasty.


So yes, in the grand scheme of things…..of having access to beer, it’s not such a big deal, as we always have been able to buy beer, but this added option has been LONG awaited and LONG time in coming to Ontario residents.  It offers the choice of buying beer in the same place as the groceries and saving an extra stop.  It’s a nice convenience.




I would love to hear your thoughts about this

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